ETS2 Iveco Strator

V4 : *Optimized For v1.30.2.x (ETS2) *Edited engines, chassis, sound and transmissions for a most real and aggradable drive; *Corrections, Adaptation & Update; V3 : *Optimized For v1.27.2.x (ETS2) *Animated Steering Wheel; *Adaptation, Update, Clean log; V2 : *fix some mistake! *fix the chassis ...Read More

Realistic graphics 1.30

Change of the light Change of HDR effects Change of the color ,shadows I have tried this version only on version 1.30 and I do not take responsibility for working in the rest Game version: mod tested on version 1.30.x Credits: kavinmag DOWNLOAD ...Read More

Packaging Trailers v1.1

This version adds 4 trailers company Grampian Continental. Adaptation and assembly of the package: by Strannik75 Test version: ETS2 1.30.x Credits: speedy143, by Strannik75 DOWNLOAD ...Read More

Traffic Truck Speed v2.1

This mod modifies the original speeds of trucks. Below determined speeds: . Average speed of min. 58km/h / max. 68km/h for BDF trucks; . Average speed of min. 62km/h / max. 74km/h for DAF/IVECO/MAN/MB/RENAULT trucks; . Average speed of min. 67km/h / max. 89km/h ...Read More

Double trailer 01.13.18

Dolly from ATS, trailer model reworked by AlexeyP This mod add dbule trailer in your jobs. For fans only Not so easy driving on narrow curves, take a job and finish it. SCS default trailer Schmitz Universal with rear hook to connect dolly and ...Read More

Kamaz 6460 v1.5 1.30

Changes in v1.5: * Corrected animation of the dashboard. * Corrected a shadow at all chassis. * Corrected physics at all chassis. * New sound * New wheels * Fixed bugs Features truck: *Independent truck model *High quality detailed exterior *High quality detailed interior ...Read More