The Harsh Russian R9 (1.27)

The new version of the map Harsh Russia R9 Change in update Adapted for 1.27.x Removed all machinery except MAN Magnit. Removed unnecessary shields (where there were photo passports) throughout the map. Off-road trailers are work old. The order of installation is shown in ...Read More

Pack 10.9 compt. Trucks Powerful 10.5 ETS2 1.27

Pack 10.9 compt. Trucks with Powerful 10.5 NOTE: ONLY FOR VERSIONS 1.27.XX OF THE GAME. Ahead thank you to all authors creators of these wonderful trucks. The trucks included in this pack are all compatible with the engine mod; Pack Powerful Engines + Gearboxes ...Read More

Realistic traffic density & moderate speed

The mod increases traffic density on the roads, especially on conventional and secondary roads, and reduces the speed of traffic vehicles for those truckers who enjoy looking at the landscape at a more moderate speed. Tested in game version 1.27 Credits: ETS2Reload DOWNLOAD ...Read More

Czech Map/MajooouMap v1.3.5 1.27

MajooouMap 1.3.5 for 1.27.x is the Czech Map in real scale. DLC’s East, North and France are required! Changelog: – new city Jalubí – improved AI traffic and traffic lights – improved road in Uh. Hradiste – new billboards Follow us on: How ...Read More

Trailers and Cargo Pack by Jazzycat v4.8

Version 4.8 – added new trailers, new cargo, new skins, new traffic trailers. Pack adds in game new trailers (Kögel, Fliegl, Böse, Närko, Lamberet, Chereau, Schmitz, Bodex, Wielton, Fruehauf, Schwarzmüller, Kassbohrer, Rolfo, D-Tec, Samro, Krone, Pacton, Ekeri, Goldhofer, Kröger, Aydeniz, Nooteboom, Sommer, Estepe, Fontaine, ...Read More

Route Advisor Mod Collection v4.7.1

Update the original mod from Hemil. Adapted for ETS2 1.27 and ATS 1.6 Added “Over speed warning” “Creeping line” is fixed at the bottom of the screen No more changes were made Some explanations on the abbreviation in the name of the files (which ...Read More