Neon LED Lights

HQ 3d model Custom light-mask a lot of light colours installation: Copy the downloaded .zip archive, unpack it, place the included mod files in the mod folder. Available for all and EVERY single SCS truck! Works on 1.28 and higher/lower. Credits: zukiko DOWNLOAD author link ...Read More

Iveco old Sound Mod

It adds old iveco sound which was changed with an update to game. Open rar file and extract “Euro Truck Simulator 2” folder to documents. Activate mod in mod manager and go to an iveco dealer to buy. Also, if you buy in sp ...Read More

Exhaust Pipe with Smoke

You can find them in exhaust left and right. Mod supports more than 31 trucks. – Now available in all scs truck: Tested on 1.30 – works fine on older versions. If there is any problem/ recommendation please contact me in comment If you ...Read More

Mod of Graphic Improvements in 4k v1.3.2.6

New graphical improvements: – new LED lighting colors and stella in the streetlights at night. – the weather without boom. – new skins and textures the darker vegetation. – new skins and textures of streets, roads. – new skins and textures in the panels ...Read More

Kraz 255 1.30 [upd: 12.03.18]

– Autonomous – Dealer Volvo – Interior-enabled DLC Cabin – Sounds – Your wheels – Tuning – Clean log – Tank 1000 liters – Engines with torque curves – Standard and high-speed transmission Changes 12.03.18: – Updated and improved registration characteristics of engines, added ...Read More

MAN TGX 2010 v5.1

What’s new in version 5.1: Added: New trailer VAK V 4-40 4-axlar Drawbar trailer.(hook height of 800 mm) Added: Lazer High Performance LED Lighting (5 types) Fixed some inaccuracies. Standalone trucks Sold in MAN Dealer shop. Basic model SCS Software. No details from other ...Read More