The map of Hungary v0.9.28a ETS2 1.27

Hungary Map v f 0.9.28 [1.27.x] – 70 cities, the author plans an expansion to 300 cities – Lots of updates, models and roads – New prefabs – Fixed a lot of bugs – Removed invisible walls – Full adaptation for patch 1.27.x Map ...Read More

Burger King Gold Trailer

– Standalone Burger King Gold Trailer – Include In AI Traffic – Update To 1.27 Tested 1.27 Game Version Enjoy! Credits: JET, losevo58, Serega22ru DOWNLOAD ...Read More

Harley Davidson Trailer

– Standalone Harley Davidson Trailer – Include In AI Traffic – Update To ETS2 1.27 Tested 1.27 Game Version Enjoy! Credits: JET, losevo58, Serega22ru DOWNLOAD ...Read More

Mercedes Actros Big Stars/Arocs SLT v1.4.1

Changes in 1.4.1 Added the company paintjobs for both SLTs. This mod adds two standalone trucks Mercedes Actros and Arocs Both trucks are standalone Added in quick job Support DLC Cabin Accessories and DLC Flag (Individual links) They have different cabs and chassis Many ...Read More

Mercedes Benz SLS AMG v2

Hologram / Heads-up Display (what you want to say) and interior lights works with warning lights key. Default “O” 3+1 Interior option Reverse gear camera RPM bar on way-computer Special way-computer Special Sounds Support for cabin accessories Folding mirrors Interior light for each cabin ...Read More

Extreme Truck Engines Nazgul

Extreme Engines by Nazgûl Adds the following engines: – MUSPELHEIMR Jötunn 850hp – MUSPELHEIMR Archenaeum 990hp – MUSPELHEIMR Hrafn 1300hp – MUSPELHEIMR Metropolis 1460hp Euro 6 V8 – MUSPELHEIMR Qaartoorneq 2190hp Euro 6 V8 – MUSPELHEIMR Eyjafjallajökull 3000hp Euro 6 V8 Works on the ...Read More

Promzona Patch 1.27

Road connections between maps Russian Open Spaces 4.0 + RusMap 1.7.2 and ProMods 2.16 Put this above all (especially PM 2.16 and RusMap 1.7.2 connection!!!) Credits: Pavel Morozov DOWNLOAD ...Read More


Buy in showroom DAF. New in version 1.06: – FIXED ERRORS WHEELS! – New engines are registered. – New transmission are registered. – New sounds are registered. – It is updated in the company. – It is updated in the desktop. – It is ...Read More