Big Stars – Actros – Arocs SLT Updated v1.4

Animation and Animation sui sui uk for the Actros and Arocs.
Added the entry “differential_lock_stick_anim”
Changed obsolete entries “Button_low_air_psi” with “indicator_low_air_pressure”
Currently not used entr.
Changed obsolete entries “Button_low_oil_psi” with “indicator_low_oil_pressure”
Chassis for the Actros and Arocs.
Added the entry “air_tank_pressure”
Added Ruttle Plant Skin for Arocs from Gordon Gekko.
Parts for trucks: lights, Bull bars, cockpit, chassis, door handles, door Steps, Engine, front, Top, Mirrors, lighting, Lowgrills, Basic mirrors, Reflection, side mirrors, sun visors, gear Boxes, other accessories. There are two types of Tow bar.
Added to the gallery of trucks.
Additional packages:
Big Stars
Big Stars

Credits: WTD – WrittenExample, Thunderhawk, D4LYNCHHD


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