Car / Bus Archive

Lexus IS300

BUY IN Man Dealer – Interior – Ao – Lightmask – Template – independent slot – DO NOT EDIT CAR – DO NOT REUPLOAD – DO NOT CHANGE LINK If there is any problem/ recommendation please contact me at: Credits: Azorax Modding DOWNLOAD ...Read More

Skoda Superb v6

– New Parts – New Textures – Little cambered wheels – Working on 1.24-1.26 – You can buy IVECO Gallery Credits: Metehan Bilal DOWNLOAD ...Read More

Range Rover Sport BG-Plates 1.26

RANGE ROVER for 1.26.x Versions Game – FIXING ALL BUGS & ERRORS!! adapted for 1,26x from 1,24x NEW: – DLC FLAG – Better Physics – BG-Plates – Standalone, dealer Mercedes – Interior – 2 chassis (common and underestimated) – Engine – Transmission (6ST) – ...Read More

BMW M5 F10

Tested in ETS2 patch 1.26, 1.27 beta More info in video The car involved is reviewed Hard Black the color of the car ( the literal , the original factory default is black ) all the running anim model ao-plated reviewed interior is taken ...Read More

Audi A8 v1.1

Version 1.1 * Changed the texture of wood * Added navigation * Added animated clocks * Speed, rpm, fuel, temp * Improved engines are now real Credits: Diablo DOWNLOAD ...Read More


This Mod Bus From Indonesia Acc 1. Muffler 2. Paint by Indonesia 3. Animation Wiper 4. And Many More Credits: Muhammad Husni DOWNLOAD ...Read More