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Great mod SHD ets2 v8 with Simba Plainum Skin Livery (one of kenyan fleet of bus) although this mod free but still cool.Get it on Mercedes store. bus SHD ets2 v8. Credits: Mcdonald DOWNLOAD ...Read More

Alfa Romeo Giulietta

Lightmask Toys DLC Sound with 1.4 Multiair engine Standalone (!) HQ Model Metallic color 4 rims 2 roofs 2 interiors Indicators are working and show true Mirrors are working Working on ETS2 1.30.x You can buy it in all dealers Credits: trzpro, Yelkant Modacı ...Read More

Skoda Superb edit by Traian 2017

Skoda Superb 2014 edit by Traian 2017 (version 2.5) What is new from version 2.0: -Reworked brake disc and brake pads textures -1 paintjob changed -New engine (1.4tsi, 1.8 tsi, 2.0 tsi and 3.6 v6) Removed diesel engines (i’m not a diesel fanboy) -Sport ...Read More

Nissan Qashqai v1.5

– Available at all Dealer – Test in ETS2 1.28 version Features: – Exterior + Lightmask – Interior + Lightmask – Sound – New v8 engine sound – Animations – Rim pack with: + Original Rim Credits: mashmixmusic DOWNLOAD ...Read More

Fiat Palio 1.4 EL 1998

-TR- Fiat Palio 1.4EL 1998 Özellikleri -AO Render -3 Şasi ( Basık-Normal-Orjinal) -3 Ön Tampon -5 Arka Tampon -9 Tane Jant -3 Tane Lastik -2 Ön Far -3 Spoiler -5 Ön 5 De Arka Paçalık -1 Egzos -1 Marşpiyel -1 Kapı Kuşak -1 Karlık ...Read More

Mercedes Benz SLS AMG v2

Hologram / Heads-up Display (what you want to say) and interior lights works with warning lights key. Default “O” 3+1 Interior option Reverse gear camera RPM bar on way-computer Special way-computer Special Sounds Support for cabin accessories Folding mirrors Interior light for each cabin ...Read More