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ETS2 1.31 patch open beta

The ETS2 update 1.31 brings some new exciting features to the game. One big feature is trailer cables as mentioned in a previous post. Another important update is that we have upgraded mirror rendering code which will make the mirror view more realistic and ...Read More

ETS2 1.31: cables

Trailer cables – it’s the new feature that will be included in the upcoming ETS2 patch 1.31. This has been demanded by the fans for a while and now we will get it. There will be 3 options for the simulated cables: Simulated cables ...Read More

ETS2 Special Transport DLC Update

Along with the upcoming ETS2 1.31 patch update, the Special Transport DLC that was released last December will be revisited and updated with new jobs. New routes will also be available. Further improvements of this DLC will happen so if you want you can ...Read More

ETS2 1.30 Download mods

Download ETS2 1.30 mods now! Check out this link where most of the ETS 2 patch 1.30 mods are grouped: Read more about ETS 2 patch version 1.30 here: ETS2 Patch 1.30 For a full list of Euro Truck Simulator 2 mods by patches go here: ...Read More