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ETS2 patch 1.27 update is live

Euro Truck Simulator 2 has been officially updated to patch 1.27 and the beta testing is over. If you have ETS2 on Steam your game will be automatically updated. To download mods for this version, go to: ETS2 patch 1.27 mods Let’s recap the main new ...Read More

ETS2 St. Patrick’s Day

This is a special one for the Irish ETS2 fans or people who celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. The Irish Paint Jobs DLC is now on sale for just on Steam: For this year there is a surprise, as if you got the Irish Paint Jobs Pack ...Read More

ETS2 Patch 1.27 BETA!

It is time! The ETS2 Patch 1.27 has been released in BETA version. For mods, go here:  ETS2 patch 1.27 mods If you want to take part in the beta testing of this patch follow these steps: How to install beta updates As mentioned in a ...Read More

ETS2 patch 1.27 mods

Looking for the best ETS 2 mods for patch 1.27? You came to the right place. Click the following link to access them: Read more about patch version 1.26 here: ETS2 Patch 1.27 Beta For a full list of Euro Truck Simulator 2 mods by ...Read More