Euro Truck Simulator 2 Archive

ETS2 patch 1.30 beta

New update for ETS2! You can now update your Euro Truck Simulator 2 game to patch 1.30 as a beta test version. Wonder how to install ETS2 patch 1.30 beta? simply go to your Steam library and select Euro Truck Simulator 2. Right click on ...Read More

ETS2 1.28 Download mods

Download ETS2 1.28 mods now! Check out this link where most of the ETS 2 patch 1.28 mods are grouped: Read more about patch version 1.28 here: ETS2 Patch 1.28 For a full list of Euro Truck Simulator 2 mods by patches go here: ...Read More

ETS2 Italy Map enhancements

While getting the new Italy map DLC ready for Euro Truck Simulator 2, SCS is retouching a little bit of the old part of Italy. They say most of the areas suffered major enhancements, especially the city of Milan which was rebuilt from scratch. ...Read More

ETS2 DAF XF Transformation

The DAF XF vehicle in the Euro Truck Simulator 2 has suffered some changed. The model has been improved to look more realistic. Not only the exterior the vehicle was changed, but the interior too. Check out the changes and see if you can spot ...Read More

ETS2 Better Flares

The vehicle flares in Euro Truck Simulator 2 have been updated. This new improvement enhances the realism of the game and offers better a better visual effect. I also have to note that this flare technology hasn’t changed since the old Hard Trucks game. ...Read More

ETS 2 patch 1.28

Euro Truck Simulator 2 new patch 1.28 is now available in beta version. To get it follow the steps on how to install beta updates. This new patch finally introduces the double trailer update into the game, but only in Scandinavia where it’s legal in ...Read More


It’s happening! After bringing this up on our ATS Mods Facebook page, not so long ago, that double trailers were announced 6 years ago, we finally get them! SCS acknowledged that they took a long time to deliver them, even though the fans were asking for ...Read More