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Scania 2016 S&R CMI Red Beige Interior

Scania 2016 CMI Red.Beige Interior. – Standalone. – Works with S and R version. – Exterior/Interior view. – Reworked the dashboard computer. – Option to chose from 2 variants. – Tested on 1.30! Credits: Carmichael DOWNLOAD ...Read More

Samsung Galaxy S8

This mod replaces the standard phone for a Black Samsung Galaxy S8. Thanks for your downloads! *Cabin Accesories DLC Required *Work with other mods – Features: High quality textures Mod Manager preview image – Fully compatible with all the original trucks DAF XF DAF ...Read More

Collection of interiors 18

Replaces standard salons. Test for version 1.30.x Credits: EmRe123; diman26; Ghass72; pinkfloyds; KHAOS-XX; Panda161288; OveRTRucK; unicorn0007; furkan61; piva; Kirtok DOWNLOAD ...Read More