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Map of Turkey and Georgia v1.4.4

Map of Turkey and Georgia, version 1.4.4 ETS2 1.26.6s YKS Team EU Turkey Map v1.4.4 Fix Versiyon ETS2 1.26.6s Fixed errors. Tested on version ETS2 1.26.6s Authors: Project Leader: Dogukan_K61 Map: Scaniaman6106 Model: Dogukan_K61, (against), furkan61, UMTKRZ Codes: mbb27 Tester: Sinanyilmaz, UMTZRLU Thanks: orlic ...Read More

Czech Map MajooouMap v1.2 1.26

MajooouMap 1.2 for 1.26.x is new Czech Map in real scale. DLC’s East and North are required! The map contains 25+ companies in 12 villages: Uh. Hradiště Staré Město Kunovice Huštěnovice Nedakonice Zlechov Kostelany nad Moravou Buchlovice Polešovice Moravský Písek Stupava (new) Staré Hutě ...Read More

Garages Distance

This modification shortens the trigger distance to the garage door, that means you must now approach the gate closer to it. Compatible: ETS2 1.26 GoingEast, Scandinavia, Vive La France Credits: Script: M-Suite16-SA Concept / concept: M-Suite16-SA Tester: M-Suite16-SA Other: M-Suite16-SA DOWNLOAD ...Read More

RC Map v4.0 ALPHA 1 Edition

We present to you the restart of editions of the original map of Euro Truck Simulator 2. After the game update to version 1.26 a lot was lost and we decided that we should restart the map from zero, considering that we have much ...Read More

Hard Truck Map (DPMap) V0.5

I changed map name. Map new name is Hard Truck Map. Continuation of DPMap. Changelog >Added was new city : Yenisehir >Added new france speedometer. >The road textures between Ulusehir and Karaşehir were replaced with the French road textures. Edit the distance type. >The ...Read More

Animated gates in companies v1.6.1

Mod adds to the game more realism, making gates and barriers, many companies are animated! All gates and barriers have a collision, so to fully open do not attempt to drive to the base or to leave. In mod there are not all companies ...Read More

EAA Normal v4.2.04

The updated Brazil EAA 4.2 map to ETS2 1.26. Added several towns and roads, Fixed bugs updated some models. Change Fixed bugs Link 1 Base Link 2 Map Download two files Credits: EAA Team DOWNLOAD part 1 DOWNLOAD part 2 ...Read More

Dirty Road 1.26

– Fixed bugs! – For correct work you need DLC “Viva la France”! – Use the “U”, which would make the lower suspension! – Map To version 1.26 – Start By a new game in the gaming unit to choose: s.mbd REQUEST: When placing ...Read More