Maps Archive

Eldorado Map Free 1.31

Standalone detail map Installation: – Create a new profile; – Enable the map and in the game mode option change to “eldorado.mbd”. Credits: Elvis Félix DOWNLOAD ...Read More

Colombia Map v3.3.0 1.31

Changelog v3.3.0 -Correction of invisible walls on the road from La Paila to La Tebaida. -Increased experience gained by free driving (ideal for buses or automobiles). -Increased experience when discovering new areas on the map. – Complete reconstruction of the stretch of Guayabetal to ...Read More

YKS Team EU Turkey Map v4.5.1

Rebuilt map YKS Team EU Turkey Map 4.5.1 (Bug fixes! 1.31.Beta.) Added three cities All files replaced The order of installation in the manager according to the screenshot The map was checked with a standard SCS map Credits: Dogukan_K61, Scaniaman6106, furkan61, UMTKRZ, mbb27, IVA DOWNLOAD ...Read More

North Map v1.4

North Map 1.4 Tested with ets2 patch 1.30 Required DLC: dlc_east dlc_north dlc_fr dlc_it Innovations: New section E6 and E39 New city: Trondheim Credits: FKSSM ( trucks_parking ) Bluetruck (models Zaregon DO NOT REUPLOAD! Respect the original download link. More information, support: ...Read More

Eastern Express: road reduction

Mod opens a blocked road H15 in the Donetsk region. The border of the region is equipped with special equipment, structures, extras. signs and lighting. It is planned to open a section on the M04 highway and further in the Lugansk region. Credits: SlavikSD DOWNLOAD ...Read More

Port of Murmansk v2 for EE 10.8 + (2 variants)

Returned port in Murmansk. Ferries to St. Petersburg, the Caucasus port and Europe. There are 2 variants in the archive: Ferry_Murmansk_single.scs – for single connection (without other ferry); Ferry_Murmansk_with_train.scs – to work with the railway Tambov – Ulan-Ude. When connecting with the railway Tambov ...Read More

Project Kuban v3

Version 3.0: – Added towns: Tihoretsk, Ternovskaya, Krinitsa, Novoleushkovskaya, peace – Only 114 kilometres – Requires DLC “Scandinavia”, “Goint East”, “France” and a map RusMap v1.8 – Select game module: russia_map.mbd Version 2.0: – Added settlements: Nezamaevskaya, ., Malgobekski, Kuban A total of 36 ...Read More

Republic of Aloma v2

– New roads and new cities. – There are hidden roads! – Start By a new game in the gaming unit to choose: n.mbd – For correct work you need DLC “Viva la France”, “Heavy Cargo Pack”, “Dlc Metallics” and “Dlc Metallics2”, “Dlc Oversize ...Read More