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Route Advisor Mod Collection v4.7.1

Update the original mod from Hemil. Adapted for ETS2 1.27 and ATS 1.6 Added “Over speed warning” “Creeping line” is fixed at the bottom of the screen No more changes were made Some explanations on the abbreviation in the name of the files (which ...Read More

Early & Late Autumn Weather Mod v5.1

This mod simulates early and late autumn. Features Less leaves on trees and autumnal colours in early autumn Fallen leaves on sidewalks and sides of roads in early autumn Leafless vegetation in late autumn Older vegetation types replaced with newer ones Autumnal daylight hours ...Read More

Truck Physics v3.4 by nIGhT-SoN [1.27]

Updated Truck Physics v3.4 for Ets2 1.27.x game version New version 3.4 – Changes to chassis work travel, lowered it a bit to feel more realistic, especially when truck starts moving at slow speed – Changes to to cabin travel, increased a little to ...Read More

Michelin Expensive Garage v2

Fixed and reedited Michelin expensive garage Whats New? -Removed logo from walls (because its mirorred) -Changed logo on blue garage doors -Changed Micheline man from back side of garage -Fixed color of G1 G2 G3 G4 G5 G6 -Changed door texture on back side ...Read More

Everything Unlocked v1.0.1

You have most likely seen millions of mods like this before but trust me my one is different. This mod basically enables you to buy trucks and upgrades at a low level such as level 1,2,3 etc. What is in this mod : – ...Read More

Mirror mod v1.3

This mod is designed for maximum realistic simulation purposes. I like to play real, so I wrote some mod for help. A mod that makes the mirror slightly smaller, without frame ETS2 version 1.26 / 1.27 DLC: Going East – Scandinavia – Vive la ...Read More