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DPD Garages Old & New

They are fully working garages with logos and AI vehicles parked inside, works well when you have trailers the same company as your garage. Works with DLC Scandinavia, Going East and Vive la France. Tested ETS2 1.27. Credits: Kacperth Workshop, SCS Software DOWNLOAD ...Read More

Pneumatic Seat v3

Small events to simulate lift. In fact – it is a dynamic type of camera in the cabin, similar to the movement of pneumatic seats in real life. Set a higher priority over other modifications. V.3 –Update for ETS2 version 1.27 –Improved vertical swing ...Read More

Realistic Suspension v2

This mod will change: more front roll by normal braking realistic front roll and rebound by emergency braking a litle bit softer swaybars more brake balance v2 fixed on ETS2 1.27 Credits: amirdvg&samkip15 DOWNLOAD ...Read More

Traffic Light Flashing Green v2

The mod makes the traffic lights as realistic as possible. Flashing green light three times, and this traffic light. ————— BUGS The lights on the points of payment are not working. In the night from 23.30 till 3.00 yellow flash will not. The traffic ...Read More

Felbermayr Modern Garage

This garage was tested in ETS2 1.27 and worked well, I didn’t see any missing textures. But if you see any then please tell me. I made this because it was requested 🙂 Happy Trucking Credits: Kacperth Workshop, SCS Software DOWNLOAD ...Read More

EuroKac Mega Pack V4.2

So, You are probably wondering what is EuroKac, It is my own fictional company in ETS. This is a EuroKac Mega pack with a lot of custom parts like tandem, skins and trailers. This mod now contains tandems and you do not require the ...Read More

EuroKac Pack v2.7.5

So, You are probably wondering what the heck is “EuroKac”. The answer is simple, It is my own fictional company in Euro Truck. At the start, this was my private mod. I decided to release it to the public because I wanted to see ...Read More