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Better traffic flow

Main goal: This mod is mostly designed to those players who like high traffic and are bored with one lane-interchanges and stopping on tolls. However, high traffic causes traffic jams and slower traffic flow. My mod will increase the speed/fluidity of the traffic flow ...Read More

Improved semaphore cycles

This mod is part of former Better traffic flow. It is mostly designed for players who like high traffic and for players who don’t like current semaphore cycles. However, high traffic causes traffic jams and slower traffic flow. In order to speed up the ...Read More

New Weather WG-8

New Weather WG-8 The new version of the weather WG. In mod climates ProMods and EAA, powerful skybox. In the presence of the moon and stars. Test ETS2 1.26 Credits: Grant DOWNLOAD ...Read More

No Road end v2

No road end signs and no invisible walls. Full compatible with 1.24/25/26 game versions and all DLC (also “Vive La France” DLC)! Credits: SP DOWNLOAD ...Read More

Mild Winter Weather Mod v2.4

This mod simulates mild winter weather and environment Features Random grey sky, misty and sunny weather Darker lighting and skies during rainy weather Darker nights Improved rain No thunder or lightning Leafless vegetation Winter daylight hours Appropriate temperature readings No thunder and lighting No ...Read More

As Extreme realist physics VGT 1.26

I leave here a recent mod, for those who like to use physical mods somewhat more extreme than usual. The mod directly affects the physical behavior of the truck and the interior physical (driver). It is configured to be able to use VGT, (Steering ...Read More

Show do Milhao v4

Mod to level up and earn big money for the Euro Truck Simulator 2 game in version 1.26.X or higher. Credits: Geovane Rocha and Equipe Top Team LOG Holding DOWNLOAD ...Read More