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Realistic graphics 1.30

Change of the light Change of HDR effects Change of the color ,shadows I have tried this version only on version 1.30 and I do not take responsibility for working in the rest Game version: mod tested on version 1.30.x Credits: kavinmag DOWNLOAD ...Read More

Real gasprices/Dieselpreise update 15.08 v1.7.6

This mod is designed for maximum realistic simulation purposes. I like to play real, so I wrote some mod for help. Update 1.7.6 – Aktuelle Dieselpreise vom 15.01.2018 – Alle Preise in Euro ETS2 version 1.30 DLC: Going East – Scandinavia – Vive la ...Read More

Real Diesel Prices Europe Promods v2.25

► Diesel prices in Europe updated to January 15, 2018: – Åland Islands: 1,34 €/l – Albania: 1,32 €/l – Andorra: 0,99 €/l – Austria: 1,16 €/l – Belarus: 0,53 €/l – Belgium: 1,34 €/l – Bosnia: 0,97 €/l – Bulgaria: 1,04 €/l – ...Read More

Seasonal Add-on for Realistic Graphics Mod 1.30

Add-on for using Realistic Graphics Mod with the current seasonal mod from Grimes. Version 1.0. The weather will be updated every week for more variety. Current season: – Winter version of weather and lighting, customized for the winter-mod Frosty Winter; – The cloudy weather ...Read More

Winter Add-On for Realistic Graphics Mod release

Current season: A winter version of the weather and the lighting, set up under mod Frosty Winter; – Added cloudy weather, in Sunny weather a whole less; – Removed Cumulus clouds; – Temperature readings below zero. Version 1.0: – Changed the skybox to a ...Read More

K Realistic Economy Mod 1.30 Semaphore Patch

Compatibility: 1.30.x Version: 1.30 Semaphore Patch This mod is designed for maximum realistic simulation purposes. Keep in mind that every career is hard at the beginning and the $$ are low. Every mistake can cost you more than a few $$. Enjoy the journey, ...Read More

Neon Luminous 1.30

Neon Luminous In ETS2 Required: DLC Scandinavia DLC Going East DLC France DLC Italia Tested on ETS2 1.30. Please dont reapload without the author’s link. Installation : Copy the .scs to Folder Mod Enjoy! Credits: pikomac DOWNLOAD sharemods DOWNLOAD author link ...Read More

Realistic Graphics Mod v2 ETS2 1.30

Version 2.0: This update will be visible to all. – Added realistic effects of rain; – Added realistic sounds of rain and thunder; – Improved the climate; – Fixed the problem of glare; – Removed old unused files; – Updated Addon Darker Graphics (Realistic ...Read More