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Iveco old Sound Mod

It adds old iveco sound which was changed with an update to game. Open rar file and extract “Euro Truck Simulator 2” folder to documents. Activate mod in mod manager and go to an iveco dealer to buy. Also, if you buy in sp ...Read More

Exhaust Pipe with Smoke

You can find them in exhaust left and right. Mod supports more than 31 trucks. – Now available in all scs truck: Tested on 1.30 – works fine on older versions. If there is any problem/ recommendation please contact me in comment If you ...Read More

Scania Ghost V8 Open Pipe Crackle v1.5

Crackle V8 engine sound for the stock SCS Scania R and Streamline trucks, RJL “R”2.2.2, “T” 2.2.2, the 6.5 Scania V8 Megamod and the Punisher’s Streamline. Patch: 1.30+ Credits: OxyGen,Kriechbaum Soundsamples DOWNLOAD ...Read More

DAF XF 700 105 E5 Engine

Here is the 700 HP for Daf xf 105 i use the sound from evr engine Vois records please visit the site for more engines . I have changed a few things info: “700 @@hp@@ (522@@kw@@)” info: “3@@dg@@250 @@nm@@” info: “1@@dg@@000-1@@dg@@425 @@rpm@@” Have fun ...Read More

Sound Fixes Pack v18.6

February 19, 2018 v18.6 Replaced Special Transport DLC adviser/escort messages with radio sound effect. [ETS2 edition] Added real engine sound for Kawasaki Ninja ZX-12R in Jazzycat’s AI traffic pack. [ATS edition] Credits: SCS Software, Drive Safely, antonvezdehod, Ludmilla, Katixa/Irreo, Balamut, AlexeyP, nIGhT-SoN DOWNLOAD ...Read More

Mercedes New Actros 1845 Euro6 Sound v2

ETS2 Mercedes New Actros 1845 Euro6 Sound byDamianSVW V2 New exterior: – Gear air sound – Air brake sound – Engine start sound New interior: – Gear air sound – Engine sound – Air brake sound – Tires sound – Winker sound Works with ...Read More

Scania Ghost V8 Sound v3

V8 engine sound for the stock SCS Scania R and Streamline trucks, RJL “R”2.2.2,”R”, “T” 4 series, and the 6.5 Scania V8 Megamod. V8 engine sound for the stock SCS Scania Nextgen trucks. Patch: 1.30 Credits: OxyGen,Kriechbaum Soundsamples DOWNLOAD ...Read More