Sounds Archive

Sound Fixes Pack v17.31

CHANGELOG 17.31 Added 1 Detroit Diesel engine sound to array for Kenworth W900 in AI Traffic. [ATS edition] Reworked Ford Mustang quiet engine sound. [ATS edition] Louder police sirens for AI traffic police cars in vanilla game. [ETS2 edition] DESCRIPTION – Pack provides improvements ...Read More

DAF XF 106 460 MX 13 340 Real Sounds

Hello truckers!Today I present to you the real sound of DAF XF106 which is recorded under the new scheme.All subsequent sounds will be recorded in this way.For the record this truck took a lot of time and patience.All the sounds of the switches, gear ...Read More


This adaptation of the legendary sound mode created in 2014 – Suitable for Scania R / Sreamline / RS / T Game version: 1.27.х Author: Comandore One Convert for 1.27.x – kriechbaum Credits: Comandore One Convert for 1.27.x – kriechbaum DOWNLOAD ...Read More

Real Sound Scania R, G 420 DC12 420 EEV E5

– Professional quality recording – 152 audio files involved – Fully standalone sounds – 100% Audio recorded – Includes real sounds of switches in the interior, gearbox, pneumatic system, air dryers and stock electro pneumatic signal, tires noises and more… Credits: Vasily EVR Engine voice ...Read More

Sound Fixes Pack v17.28

New in version 17.27 + 17.28 Reworked default backup beeper sound (reverse signal). Truck or sound mods with standalone backup beeper sounds won’t be affected. [ATS edition] Amplified motorbike sounds for AI Traffic for Jazzycat’s AI Traffic Pack for more audibility. Added Cummins engine ...Read More

Sound Fixes Pack v17.25

– Pack provides improvements to common sounds in the game, making them feel more immersive and real. – The goal of the mod is to make the game’s sounds feel like real life! MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS Requires higher priority in Mod Manager than: – any ...Read More

Sound Fixes Pack v17.23 ETS2 1.27

CHANGELOG 17.23 1 reworked sound for one of the chemical factory sounds, courtesy of AlexeyP. New slow gravel sound for external camera. Added 2 sounds for cows (1 from AlexeyP). [ATS edition] Added 3 sounds for some idle horses. [ATS edition] More locations added ...Read More


New in version 17.22 Update for 1.27 New in version 17.19 Added sound for monorail. [ATS edition] Added real engine sound and horn sound for Bugatti Veyron for Jazzycat’s AI Traffic Pack v4.5. [ETS2 edition] Description – Pack provides improvements to common sounds in ...Read More