Traffic Archive

[Ai Trafic] Citroen 2Cv Reworked v3

[ENGLISH] Citroën 2Cv revisited What’s up ? v 1.0 * SCS color removed * 63 true colors of the car added * Headlights turned yellow * Maximum speed changed: 115km / h -> 80 km / h * Weight changed: 825kg -> 575kg * ...Read More

Bus Traffic Pack by Jazzycat v3.4

Version 3.4 – added new bus Setra 416 and 12 new skins. Pack adds in traffic 31 new models of buses with 415 skins (Setra, Neoplan, Volvo, Man, Mercedes-Benz, Ikarus, Ayats, Irizar, Temsa, Jelcz, Caetano). All standalone, works on any maps. Compatible with all ...Read More

Dumb Traffic Behaviour GAARAA v1.4

Version: 1.4 Updates:- Ai vehicles overtaking on single and double line roads made possible. Recommended to use along with Bus Traffic Pack by Jazzycat, But Dumb Traffic Behaviour mod should be on higher priority. Info:- Dumb Traffic Behaviour by GAARAA shows the realistic behaviour ...Read More

Traffic density and speedlimits ETS2 1.30

More traffic on motorway, less on local road. Added SCS tractor and harvester on local roads, work time 5 to 21, can go to cities, I can’t fix this problem now. Increased length for cargo trains (a bit) Increased lenght of DLC France tram ...Read More

Realistic Vehicle Colours

This mod changes the colours used by AI traffic to be more realistic and varied. It uses over 350 colours that are currently offered by some of the most popular European car manufacturers. You will see a realistic mix of bright and dull colours. ...Read More

No Harvester and Slow Traffic on Maps

— No Slow Traffic by Athlon — Can’t wait on a rural road behind a harvester or a tractor on any map or any slow vehicle on ROS 4.0 map? WHAT THIS MOD DOES: All maps : Remove from traffic Tractors and Harvesters from ...Read More

Alive Traffic v1.6.1 by Momo

This is the BEST traffic mod out there! Saw a tradesman’s van driving in the outside lane slower than all other traffic hogging the lane and not pulling over. Everyone else was undertaking him. 100% realistic, love it! :D” —- Vandragorax ” I like ...Read More

Painted Truck Traffic Pack by Jazzycat v4.6

Pack adds in traffic truck+trailer combo with skins of 367 real companies. Version 4.6 – added new trailer and new companies: Borjes Logistik, Ploeger Logistics, Bjornflaten Transport, Bech-Hansen & Studsgaard Logistics, Drzyzga, Primafrio, Anneberg Transpol, Malherbe Transports, Peche Group, optimized some models. All standalone. ...Read More