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LKW Walter Trailer

– Standalone LKW Walter Trailer – Include In AI Traffic – Update To 1.27.x Tested ETS2 1.27 Game Version Credits: Arthur Vince, losevo58, Serega22ru DOWNLOAD ...Read More

TZ Express Trailers 1.27

TZ Express Trailers 1.27 Test 1.27 * Aero Dynamic 2win * Bodex Walking Floor * Fliegl Log Trailer * Vanhool Cistern * Glass Trailer Langendorf * Wielton Tanks * Maxx Köge * Krone Cool Liner * Krone Mega Liner * Lamberet SR2 Futura Panel ...Read More

Krone Trailer 1.27

Trailer Krone, curtain replaces the default p/trailers, added shopping basket under the frame with the pallet and the box, replaced the wheels, added a lift axle, changed the color of the awning. Tested ETS2 1.27 Credits: radmir1318, Stealsth DOWNLOAD ...Read More

Bodex Tipper MichaBF3

This is a trailer mod by MichaBF3 modifizert by SMG. ETS2 1.27.xx + all DLCs Bodex Tipper 3 Axe Trailer + steering axe & 2 Liftaxe Bodex Tipper 3 Axe Trailer + 1 Liftaxe Standalone Trailer Version 2.0 with 4axe = 5 Cargos 30t ...Read More