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Kraz 255 1.30 [upd: 12.03.18]

– Autonomous – Dealer Volvo – Interior-enabled DLC Cabin – Sounds – Your wheels – Tuning – Clean log – Tank 1000 liters – Engines with torque curves – Standard and high-speed transmission Changes 12.03.18: – Updated and improved registration characteristics of engines, added ...Read More

MAN TGX 2010 v5.1

What’s new in version 5.1: Added: New trailer VAK V 4-40 4-axlar Drawbar trailer.(hook height of 800 mm) Added: Lazer High Performance LED Lighting (5 types) Fixed some inaccuracies. Standalone trucks Sold in MAN Dealer shop. Basic model SCS Software. No details from other ...Read More

Volvo VNL 670 [1.28, 1.30]

Standalone For sale in Volvo 3 cabins (630 – 670) Own interior Its sounds (depending on the brand of engine) It is painted in metallic. Support for DLC Cabin Accessories Extensive tuning Many options for tuning and accessories Test for version 1.30 Credits: BigBob, Absabdul ...Read More

Scania RS 2016 Tunning

Korea Mode Test on version: chassis Author: an225 Truck 2 chassis Scania s_2016 Paint remodeling me Truck chassis added 4 Scania r_2016 Truck made 8×2 8x2x8tl 8×4 8x4x8tl 2 axis 4 axis lift Truck 30tons Fuel 8600 liters Number of elements 1200 Eco ...Read More

Kraz 260 1.30 update

Fully independent model. Purchased at the Volvo 5 slot. It has its own tuning, its wheels, its own sounds, its own salon. Changes 16.03.18: – Some more lost materials have been returned. – Refined and improved registration engine performance. – KrAZ spelled out in ...Read More

Scania S500 PWT Thermo 1.30

Hello guys, i wanna give you my truck today 😀 Enjoy my work, and have good play. Regards to re-sellers! 😀 Works well on ETS2 1.30 Credits: Caspian Custom Team DOWNLOAD ...Read More

Popeye & Scania

Hello, I want to offer you my next combined Popeye & Scania package. The package contains skins for these trucks: Scania R & S New Generation (both types of cabs) Scania RS by RJL Scania 143m by Ekualizer Additionally, the package contains 3-4 types ...Read More