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Cascadia 2018 by Conbar v3.9.4

This mod contains in addition to the truck he got in 2018 cascadia physics file by conbar which is good for long trucks, the mod DLC and aftermarket steering wheels, mod of cascadia in traffic and the speedline wheels mod. the truck was modeled ...Read More

KamAZ 5410 1.26

KamAZ 5460 for Euro Truck Simulator 2. Tested in game version 1.26 DAF Dealer Independient. Credits: JAWA, Koral, Vlad5236 DOWNLOAD ...Read More

URAL 4320-43202 v5.5 1.26 – 1.27 beta

Find in dealership VOLVO! Updates in v5.5: Fixes bugs.. New personal big wheels are registered… Fixed physics truck.. Original engines + increase in power.. Original transmissions + passability is increased.. Fixed sounds for truck.. The truck collision is corrected.. It is also updated in ...Read More

Pack 10.4 compt. Trucks with Powerful

Pack 10.4 compt. Trucks with Powerful Ahead thank you to all authors creators of these wonderful trucks. The trucks included in this pack are all compatible with the engine mod; Pack Powerful Engines + Gearboxes v 10.4. All engines and gearboxes work with the ...Read More

Renault Magnum Mack E9 Tech V8 Sound 1.26

Hello, Dear Community. Today well i wanted to share this Finished Renault Magnum Mack E7 Tech V8 Sound which is made from a Real Mack E7 520 Tech V8 Engine. Which Has Been Finally Released. It Works for The SCS Renault Magnum, and The ...Read More

Freightliner Century

Standalone A small tuning – two types of mirrors, three types of curtains, and four types of side skirts. Lightmask Your salon Animation Credits: Sentyakov DOWNLOAD ...Read More

KamAZ 5410 + Trailers

This mod adds to the game Autonomous truck KAMAZ 5410 which is registered in the Renault saloon (completely separate slot) 4 cabins 3 the chassis (1 of them bdf) 16 engines (10 YaMZ 2 TMZ, 4 Kamaz) 13 CAT His salon its sounds Its ...Read More

KAMAZ 4410-6450 [v3] 1.26

Find in dealership VOLVO! Updates in v3.0: Fixes bugs!!! Add OffRoad Wheels by KAMAZ.. Updates engines.. Updates transmissions.. Updates Lightmask.. Updates Physics for Truck.. Work DLC Cabin Accessory.. Adapted version: 1.26.x Test version: 1.26.6s Log Clear! Credits: JAWA, Smith, dmitry68, Stas556, _69_mf_, updated: Kamazist_1980 ...Read More

Mercedes-Benz Antos-1840 1.26

Standalone Interior Sound Added new reworked sound Supports tuning Changes: -changed the tuning of appearance -changed the interior Credits: Oleg, jekich1, Stas556, Maxagent Edit: Berkay Acar DOWNLOAD ...Read More