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Extreme Truck Engines Nazgul

Extreme Engines by Nazgûl Adds the following engines: – MUSPELHEIMR Jötunn 850hp – MUSPELHEIMR Archenaeum 990hp – MUSPELHEIMR Hrafn 1300hp – MUSPELHEIMR Metropolis 1460hp Euro 6 V8 – MUSPELHEIMR Qaartoorneq 2190hp Euro 6 V8 – MUSPELHEIMR Eyjafjallajökull 3000hp Euro 6 V8 Works on the ...Read More

Kacper’s Engine Pack

Hello everyone, This is an engine pack which I enjoyed creating. In this pack you get a lot of STANDALONE engines, I didn’t make up any stupid names for them just changed the numbers in the engine names. The engines are realistic and work ...Read More

GTM Led Plates v3.3

GTM Led Plates are finally here. Pimp out your Truck to the max with those brand new shiny truck brand Led Plates. Available for all and every single SCS Trucks Unique design for every Truck Brand Mods supported: – RJL’s Scanias – Madster’s MANs ...Read More

Balbo Light ETS 2 1.27

Nederlands: deze verlichting kun je onder je vrachtwagen doen de lichten kan je onder een scania rjl heel mooi zetten heb er plezier van English: these lights can do the lights you can put quite nicely under a Scania truck RJL you have pleasure. ...Read More