KAMAZ 54-64-65 1.25, 1.24


KAMAZ 54-64-65
Buy in showroom VOLVO
The truck is newly rebuilt in the Dealer!!!
Attention!!! At installation to remove all third-party modifications on KamAZ_6460!! In avoidance of DEPARTURES from a game!!!
Test version: 1.25.3s
– 1 cabin
– 8 chassis (2 of them bdf)
– 7 engines (4 KAMAZ, 3 Cummins)
– 7 CPR
– His salon
– Paint
– Many tuning
– Supports DLC Cabin Accessories
NEW Upgrades:
– New Exclusive Skins – has added Kamazist_1980!
– Wheels from KamAZ remained by default!
– Wheels from Mack Superliner – has added Kamazist_1980.
– Wheels from CAT-660 – has added Kamazist_1980.
– Wheels from Daf Crawler – has added Kamazist_1980.
Changes: clear log, truck collision corrected (rested on the trailer and did not call for it), registered in agencies bookings!
Credits: Koral.
Added Upgrades: Kamazist_1980.


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