Mercedes-Benz Actros MP3 Black Edition Skin v1.0

Software used: Pixelmator
Tested on ETS2 1.25.x
Skin is designed for Actros MP3 Megaspace Cabin and looks best with side skirts.
I recommend using ByCaptial’s Actros MP3 rework mod ( for the best results!
Just move ‘Skin_MP3_BlackEd.scs’ into your ETS2 Mod folder and activate it in the mod manager. The paint job has a proper manifest and therefore is mod manager ready.
For questions or feedback you can find me on Facebook (FarmerBeavis) and Twitter (@FarmerBeavis) or visit my Youtube channel:
Special Shoutout to all my friends
Have fun and keep on trucking, FarmerBeavis

Credits: FarmerBeavis


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