Next ETS2 Update: Liftable Trailer Axles

This will be a big week for Euro Truck Simulator 2. A new patch with new features will be launched in beta!

The biggest update of this patch seems to be the liftable trailer axles. Lifting the axle will transfer the weight among trailer’s wheels which will result in a consumption decrease and limit tire wear or adjust the trailer’s maneuverability while turning or reversing, as SCS says.

But what are they talking about? Since you can’t have your own trailer, it means that you don’t care and can’t see the tire wear. Also, the trailer wheels are usually lifted when there is no cargo or there is a very small weight loaded inside the trailer. So, once again, without having the posibility to buy your own trailers, this feature is kinda useless.

Anyway, don’t forget to set a preferred hotkey for this feature as it is not set by default. For more news, follow our Facebook page:

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