Route Advisor Mod Collection v4.7.1

Update the original mod from Hemil.
Adapted for ETS2 1.27 and ATS 1.6
Added “Over speed warning”
“Creeping line” is fixed at the bottom of the screen
No more changes were made
Some explanations on the abbreviation in the name of the files (which means):
Center Bottom – map below,
Center Top – map above,
Right Edge – map to the right from the edge,
Right Top – the map on the top right,
GSM – a small card,
ONM – medium,
SBM is large (the card is disabled by F3).
1LTB – 1 line of text from the bottom,
1LTT – 1 line of text above,
3LTB – 3 lines of text from the bottom,
3LTT – 3 lines of text on top.
NF – without a frame,
WF – with frame,
MBB – map on a black background,
MCB – a map on a transparent background,
TBB – text on a black background,
TCB – text on a transparent background.
On previous versions, the window “Service of weight control” will be constantly present on the screen !!!
Test on version 1.6 and ETS2 1.27

Credits: wik412, Hemil


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