Scania Streamline Tow Truck

Modification of the default truck Scania Streamline.
Card Russian expanses Tow.
In mod there is the crane of a tow truck taken from the model of “Renault Magnum Recovery”
Author Renault Magnum Recovery: Laxi.
Also there is a model truck for their towing.
The truck can only haul cargo, where it is written for a TOW truck.
Also have orders in Scandinavia and France.
Truck spelled out in the showroom Scania.
Fashion model authors: Jazzycat, Gricko, kosa6414.
Working with the Mighty Griffin Tuning Pack, Cabin Accessories, Wheel Tuning Pack.
And with all the default maps.
Test version: 1.28 – 1.30

Credits: SlawkA, МОРОЗОВ


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