American Truck Archive

Peterbilt 359 [beta] ETS2 1.30

Fix adds to the game ETC2 truck Standalone. DAF dealer. ! Put with priority above the main mod! Game version: 1.30.x – One cab option – Three kinds of chassis – Its sounds and gears – Stained (no skins) – Your own interior (4 ...Read More

Mack Superliner Pro Version

Realistic simulation accelerator, brake, clutch movement gear change physical simulation support for v1.30 and above new added textures new accesories pro edit with templates Credits: Virat, SCS: – 3D model. Smith – Template, assistance with animation etc. Fire-Blade: – improved exterior and interior model,modeling. Stas556: ...Read More

Freightliner FLD v2.0 by oddfellow v1.30

******PLEASE READ******* Sell your old FLD and disable so not to conflict with this version ———————————————————————————— Standalone model It is purchased in the salons of Kenworth – Your own interior – Their sounds – Tuning (exterior – interior) – Adaptation to Accessories DLC (preferably ...Read More

International 9800 v2 oddfellow 1.30

Buy at the Peterbilt Dealer [ATS] Buy at the DAF Dealer [ETS2] Only Tested on ATS Only Tested on ETS2 Odd_fellow gave full permission to add his 9800 to the workshop. -Fully gone thru and tested with no errors but like all ...Read More

Freightliner FLD v2.0 1.30

Standalone. Diler Renault 2 cabins 1 chassis Own, tuning, sound, interior. painted Registered in the gallery and in the company Game version: 1.30.x Credits: odd_fellow, Pic Eggers, Thomas Parham, Evgeny Shmidt, Jared Jackson, Joseph Thorne, ZHUK, Harven,Lucasi,Pauly DOWNLOAD ...Read More

Peterbilt 389 Modified v2.1 1.30

Changelog v2.1: fixed truck width and all needed parts ( fender, bumper, mudflap hanger) rearranged all headlight models added new 389 style headlights added few headlight accessories added new fender bars/blinker bars added new steps (379 classic style, 389 style with dpf box) added ...Read More

PETERBILT 579 ENHANCED updated 1.30

Next iteration of my mod who like the 579, but think that the stock SCS model is too bland. A big thank you to AlexejP, who granted permission to use his interiors/animations, and to all others (see credits) who generously gave permission to use ...Read More

Mack RS700 Duck v1.03

Mack rs700 from the movie convoy – Autonomous – Renault Dealer – Interior – Sounds – Engines – Chassis – Wheels – Painted in metallic Compatible to update 1.30.x Credits: v.krankel-varter, Gazila DOWNLOAD ...Read More

Mack Titan New v3.5 ETS2 1.30

– Standalone. Dealer of DAF. – 1 cabin. 1 Chassis. – Their engines. Its PPC. – Its own interior. – Their sounds. – It is painted. Has its own skin. – Great tyuning. (Spoiler, pipes, fly swatches, bumpers, mud flaps, additional lights, GPS) – ...Read More