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Cascadia 2018 by Conbar v3.9.4

This mod contains in addition to the truck he got in 2018 cascadia physics file by conbar which is good for long trucks, the mod DLC and aftermarket steering wheels, mod of cascadia in traffic and the speedline wheels mod. the truck was modeled ...Read More

Freightliner Century

Standalone A small tuning – two types of mirrors, three types of curtains, and four types of side skirts. Lightmask Your salon Animation Credits: Sentyakov DOWNLOAD ...Read More

Freightliner Coronado v2

there are templates for channel 1 and 2 and a pair of rasskrasok for clarity. Fog will burn if put on the bumper and the front turn dop.osveschenie on F4. For moviegoers have a separate lounge. Includes board. computer tab and go to the ...Read More

International Eagle 9300i FIX ETS2 1.26

– Find in Scania Dealer – Added many new Engine – Added new wheels – Added many new Trasmissions – News Sounds – Interior – GPS – Tuning – Sounds – Painting – Metallic – 1 Cabin – 1 Chassis Fixed: * Fixed Interior ...Read More

Mack Pinnacle v2 1.26

MACK ULTRALINER TRUCK (ETS2 VERSION) ATS VERSION ALSO AVAILABLE ON ATSMODS.LT. Tested on: ETS2 1.26.x. Buy it at IVECO dealership. Adaptation to ETS2 latest version. A lot of fixes on 3D model. Reduced 3D model weight (more FPS). Added few fenders options. Added air ...Read More

CAT CT660 v2.1

MAN shop – Standalone – 1 cab – Chassis (6×4 and 6×6) – Interior (3 types) – Own sounds – Own wheels – Support DLC Cabin Accessories – Tuning – GPS New: 1. The light is improved. 2. Changed the texture of the interior. ...Read More

Freightliner FLD-120 ETS2 1.26

Buy in showroom DAF! – Add New Camera! – Add New Sounds! – Add Many New Engines! – Add Many New Transmissions! – Add New Wheels! – Update in Dealer! – Update in Company! – Update in Desktop! Work in versions: 1.24.x, 1.25.x, 1.26.x. ...Read More

International Eagle 9400i [1.26]

– Standalone: – Fixed bugs! – Fixed camera! – Dealer SCANIA!!! – Added New Trasmissions!!! – Add New Sounds! – Add New Wheels!!! – 3 Interior – GPS – Mini Tuning – Painting – Metallic – 4 Cabin – 4 Shassis Tested ETS2: 1.26.6s ...Read More

Freightliner Cascadia 2018 v3.9.1

Buy at Mercedes Dealers. Note! to make the new enginesound work buy first lower HP ISX engine and than 1 of the new engines. Credits: Edited by Felipe Conbar Standlone and anim by Frank Brasil Viper 389 v2 Chrome fenders by Tom Dooley Skin by ...Read More