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DAF XT Rework

Change.log: BUY IN DAF dealer – Made Standalone – added template – new ao baking – added flag dlc support – added custom parts – DO NOT EDIT TRUCK – DO NOT REUPLOAD – DO NOT CHANGE LINK If there is any problem/ recommendation ...Read More

DAF XF 116 Mega Mod

– Cabin bake in 4k – Bake 90% tuning – To remove unnecessary / kosyachny tuning – Fixed some bugs – Improved interior detail – The new shadow – Removed interior light (temporarily) – Fix the lower shadow (subject to minor shoals) – Fixed ...Read More

Daf XF Euro 6 Reworked v1.5

Mod replaces the default Daf XF Euro 6! – Make a real highlight the instrument panel and buttons – Added decal on side windows – 2 side cockpit panel (plastic and paint) – Front mud flaps – Added animation emergency gang buttons and lifting ...Read More

DAF XF Euro 6 1.26

Plastic and paintable fenders and sideskirts. Two types auxiliary fuel tanks. Three new bottombar types. For ETS2 1.26 Credits: Seymus, Zelf, Tjörven DOWNLOAD ...Read More

DAF XF 95 REWORKED 1.24-1.26 ETS2

Buy in showroom DAF! Description: Updates and add new Camera, in Company, in Desktop! Work in version: 1.24.x, 1.25.x, and [1.26.x.x]! Tested version: [] Credits: Vovka DOWNLOAD ...Read More