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DAF XF E6 by ohaha 1.73

Tested ETS2 patch 1.27 Features: – plastic and painted optional variants for – upper engine grid (with lights and various signs slots) – lower engine grid – bumper (with high beam projectors and lights slots) – cabin fender (side protection) – rear wheel arches ...Read More

DAF XF 105 Reworked 1.26

– Changed all chassis – Motor nameplates have been added – Added decals to the side windows – Completely redone the interior (so far only EU, UK version will be later) – Real illumination of the instrument panel and buttons – Added a new ...Read More

DAF XF 105 v4.5

Version 4.5: * Added new chassis 4×2 Low Deck * Added tires 315/60 R22.5 (recommended for Low Deck chassis) * Added option cabin SC * Added external interiors for SC cabin * MX265 engine is no longer available * Changed logic of the fog ...Read More

DAF XF 105 4.5 [1.26]

Truck DAF XF105 v4.5 by vad&k for Ets2 1.26.x game version. Features: – Completely redesigned EU interior. We added a lot of new parts and replaced the standard texture – Redesigned external model. Added some elements of the body. – Added decals on the ...Read More

DAF XT Rework

Change.log: BUY IN DAF dealer – Made Standalone – added template – new ao baking – added flag dlc support – added custom parts – DO NOT EDIT TRUCK – DO NOT REUPLOAD – DO NOT CHANGE LINK If there is any problem/ recommendation ...Read More

DAF XF 116 Mega Mod

– Cabin bake in 4k – Bake 90% tuning – To remove unnecessary / kosyachny tuning – Fixed some bugs – Improved interior detail – The new shadow – Removed interior light (temporarily) – Fix the lower shadow (subject to minor shoals) – Fixed ...Read More

Daf XF Euro 6 Reworked v1.5

Mod replaces the default Daf XF Euro 6! – Make a real highlight the instrument panel and buttons – Added decal on side windows – 2 side cockpit panel (plastic and paint) – Front mud flaps – Added animation emergency gang buttons and lifting ...Read More