Environment Mods Archive

Brutal Environment HD Engine Lite Edition

This is Lite Edition of original Brutal Environment HD Engine by Stewen i just made lite edition and thats means i do this Removed all trucks Removed companys Removed trailers Removed billborads Removed loading screens Removed all about trucks Removed all not needed files ...Read More


Changed some trees and its colors – Trees’ foliage by Grimes Ground and grass textures reworked Removed the Road textures -not include texture roads in the mod anymore. Credits: Rafaelbc, Grimes DOWNLOAD ...Read More

Summer Environment v2.2

This mod makes changes and improvements to the default summer vegetation, terrain, grass and weather. Works with Promods, TSM, Rus Map, MHA, and others. *Hungary Map fix is included in the download pack. Compatibility latest version: ETS2 1.25 Changes in v2.2 More fuller summer ...Read More

Spring Weather Mod v2.3

This mod simulates spring weather and environment Features Spring weather and environment Spring vegetation Flowers added to vegetation Spring daylight hours Appropriate temperature readings No harvesters Compatibility Latest Version: ETS 2 1.25 Works with Promods, RusMap, MHA and others. *Hungary Map fix is included ...Read More

Tropical ETS2 v3.4

This mod changes ETS2 into a tropical environment. For use with warm climate maps like EAA, PJ Indo, Sumatra etc. Can also be used with the standard map or other European map like Promods for a change of scenery. Key Features Tropical vegetation and ...Read More

Tropical Europe v3.2

Turns Europe into a tropical or desert like environment. Key Features Tropical or desert like terrain and vegetation Road texture changes Some building colour changes Higher temperature readings Compatible with Promods, Rus Map, MHA, TSM and others. Can also be used with warm climate ...Read More

Realistic Rain & Fog & Thunder Sounds v3.2

ETS2 Realistic Rain & Fog & Thunder Sounds V3.2 For ETS 1.20.x – 1.21.x Change Rain & Fog & Thunder Sounds V3.2: Removed Fog In Late afternoon/Evening (Dry Weather ONLY) Features In Rain & Fog & Thunder Sounds In Add On V3.2 Version: * ...Read More