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ETS2 1.27 MAN TGS Euro6 v1.1

New in v1.1: -Compatible with ETS2 1.27 -Differential lock animation -Cruise control indicator -Ambient red light -New fueltanks -New front plates What do you get? -A great looking MAN TGS Euro 6 -Three tipes of cab M / L / LX -Five chassis type 4×2 ...Read More

MAN TGS v1.3 v1.27

Features v1.3: – Compatible with ETS2 1.27 – Differential lock animation – Cruise control indicator – Ambient red light – New fueltanks – New front plates Credits: MADster, CobraBlue6, SCSSoftware DOWNLOAD sharemods DOWNLOAD author link ...Read More

MAN TGX 2010

Standalone trucks, find in MAN Model SCS Software – Standalone – 3 Cabins – All MAN Chassis – Added Animation (Dashboard Indicators) – Added Cab Spoiler – Added Sideskirts (6×2, 6×4) – Small Tuning Made for version ETS2 1.27 Credits: XBS DOWNLOAD ...Read More

MAN TGX 2010 ETS2 1.27

Standalone trucks, find in MAN Model SCS Software _ 3 cabins (Standard track) _ All chassis MAN _ Added animation (dashboard indicators) _ Added cab spoiler (XLX cab) _ Added sideskirts (6×2, 6×4) _ Small tuning Made for version ETS2 1.27 Credits: XBS DOWNLOAD ...Read More

MAN TGA v1.4 ETS2 1.27

What do you get? -A great looking MAN TGA -A REAL and good looking interior -All default accessories -All default skins -Chassis: 4×2 / 6×2 – midlift / 6×2 – taglift / 6×4 / 8×4 (with liftable axle) -Two interior types Grey / Black ...Read More

MAN TGA v1.3.2

Fixes v1.3.2: -Support of ETS2 1.27 is added -Defects are corrected -Steering wheel adjustment (v1.25) -New warning sound -New wipers -New steering wheel -New seats and floor -New doorhandles -Better plastic parts -Added automatic gearbox and parking brake (with animation) -New steering column and ...Read More

MAN F2000 Fixed 1.26

– 3 cabins – 4 chassis (4×2, 6×4, 6×4/2, 6×2) – Own wheels – Own interior – Support DLC Cabin Accessories Fixed bags Credits: Weeda 88 DOWNLOAD ...Read More

MAN TGS-L v4 + Trailers

1 cabin 1 bdf chassis 10 engines 4 Gearbox its sounds Its wheels with tires Paint Few tuning Supports DLC Cabin Accessories, DLC National Window Flags Includes 2 trailer tandem. Change: Adaptation to 1.26, added support for DLC National Window Flags, Thank you very ...Read More