Mercedes Archive

Mercedes 1935

– Multiple engine options – Multiple chassis options – Multiple transmission options – Various skins and paintings options – Own interior and various accessories – Various external accessories – Great mod with several options – Working on version 1.31.x Credits: SouzaSG DOWNLOAD Download

Mercedes Actros 2651 Special Series

– Cab options – Chassis options – Engine options – Broadcast options – New interior and exterior animations – Working on version 1.31.X Credits: SouzaSG and Yuri Elian DOWNLOAD Download

MB Actros MP3 Reworks – ByCapital v3.5

This is my rework of the Mercedes Actros MP3 by SCS. Changelog v3.0 to 3.5 Five new heavy duty-fenders for 8×4 chassis Custom rear bumpers reworked Updated the skins Reduced brightness in beacons sign This mod adds a lot of plastic, painted and chrome Download


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Rigid Chassis Mercedes Actros MP3 Reworks v3.0.1

At least read this: You must have Kraker/NTM/Ekeri Tandem addon for RJL Scania rs&r4 by Kast activated for this mod to work properly! Changelog v3.0 to 3.0.1 Fixed a bug that messed up the some textures in Kasts main mod Rigid chassis addon for Download

Mercedes Actros MP4 Reworked v1.3 1.31

Updated version 1.3 – The mod is adapted to patch version 1.31 – Fixed bugs Version 1.1: – The mod is adapted to patch version 1.30 – Fixed bugs – New AO textures – New animations – New tuning – With permission of the Download

Mercedes Actros MP3 Reworked v2.2

Mod replaces the default model of the Mercedes Actros MP3 – Plastic and paint bumper and part of the cab – Plastic and paint grid engine – A movable part on the rear wings – Front mudflaps – The decals on side glass Version Download

Mercedes MP2 v1

This is mod for Mercedes MP2, is created for 1.30 game version. It have many tunning option. Credits: MBActros, Daniel Tenev, ScaniaMichl72 DOWNLOAD Download