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Big Stars – Actros – Arocs SLT Updated v1.4

Animation and Animation sui sui uk for the Actros and Arocs. Added the entry “differential_lock_stick_anim” Changed obsolete entries “Button_low_air_psi” with “indicator_low_air_pressure” Currently not used entr. Changed obsolete entries “Button_low_oil_psi” with “indicator_low_oil_pressure” Chassis for the Actros and Arocs. Added the entry “air_tank_pressure” Added Ruttle Plant ...Read More

Mercedes Antos ETS2 1.27

Changelog r1.27.0.9 – adapted to version 1.27 – fixed pmg-files – restored the health of some old buttons and indicators – as well as other bugs fixed Mod adapted to the beta ETS2 patch 1.27.0.x Modified pmg-files, restored the health of some old ...Read More

ETS2 1.27 Mercedes Antos 1840

Buy in MERCEDES Added NEW Reworked Sound by truck! Truck with tuning! Adaptation: [1.27.x] / 1.26.x / 1.25.x / 1.24.x / 1.23.x Test version: ETS2 Credits: Oleg, jekich1, Stas556. Tester: Maxagent DOWNLOAD ...Read More

Mercedes Benz Actros MP1 fixed

Bug fixes: All of instrument cluster and signals are working properly. Added tuning for new version Tested ETS2 1.26 – 1.27 version Credits: Orel 57RUS , Stap_95, Dickersan, st.mods DOWNLOAD ...Read More

Mercedes Antos 1840 ETS2 1.27

Find in Mercedes Dealer * Add in company and desktop * Registered new wheels * Added original engines * Added original transmissions * New reworked sound for original engines v8 + spec air horn.. Tested version: 1.27.x [beta] Credits: Oleg, jekich1, Stas556, Maxagent, Kamazist_1980 ...Read More

Mercedes-Benz Antos-1840 1.26

Standalone Interior Sound Added new reworked sound Supports tuning Changes: -changed the tuning of appearance -changed the interior Credits: Oleg, jekich1, Stas556, Maxagent Edit: Berkay Acar DOWNLOAD ...Read More

Mercedes Actros MP4 v7

– Adapted to ETS2 1.26 – Fixed the physics of the car. – Glasses of the headlight are changed. – Added some default accessories. – Support DLC Cabin accessories Credits: Gerald Hardie, jekich1, Kriechbaum DOWNLOAD ...Read More

Mercedes-Benz Actros MP2 1.26

– Standalone – Support DLC Cabin Acessories – Tuning – Own interior – Add V8 sound – Add Many New Engines – Add Many New Transmissions – Adapted for v1.26 Credits: Vinzel, MaxaGent DOWNLOAD ...Read More

Mercedes Benz LS 1519-1525 brasilian 1.26

Mercedes Benz LS 1519-1525 brasilian 1.26 Complete Redesign of the Brazilian version Mercedes Rundhauber. Made in Germany in different versions from 1959 to 1996. – 2 Cabins. Long and short, with two variants for each one. – 1 single chassis only. – 2 Engines: ...Read More