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Mercedes Benx AXOR v7

Buy in showroom MERCEDES! Description: Deleted Errors!!! Adaptated for versions: {1.25.x – 1.26.x.x.} DLC Steering Wheels Creations Pack!!! Added NEW dashboard for AXOR! Fixes errors lightmask!! Updates in Company! Updates in Desktop! Tested in versions ETS2: 1.25.x – [] Updates for ETS2: MaxaGent! DOWNLOAD ...Read More

New Actros Plastic Parts and more v3.12

Change log: Version 3.12.0 (2017.02.12) + Plastic fender addon (created by WrittenExample) + Full curtain variants (created by WrittenExample) + Some interior detail from game version 1.26 (mirror controls, back led addon slot) Interior credits: Idea, testing, support: GlenniBoy Some new models: WrittenExample Tweaking: ...Read More

Mercedes Benz Axor + Addons

– Mercedes Axor MP2 and MP3 Cab – Taglift and Midlift – New Addons – Sounds – Skins – No all Axor in Traffic – Added new BDF chassis 6×4 and 6×2 – BDF Trailers (all Standalone) Credits: Niksarlı, jgut, danz, zy express DOWNLOAD ...Read More

Mercedes Antos-1840 for 1.26

– Find in Mercedes Dealer – Added New Reworked Sound – Truck with Tuning – Adaptation: [1.26.x] / 1.25.x / 1.24.x / 1.23.x – Tested version: Credits: Oleg, jekich1, Stas556, Maxagent DOWNLOAD ...Read More

Mercedes Benz 1934

– 1 single cabin model. – Fully customizable interior. – Multitude of accessories to customize the truck: – Deposits, Smoke exhaust pipes, colored bands, antennas, bumpers, headlights, Emblems of mercedes, wheel arches, visors, calandras, exterior climatizador – 8 engine types (from 140 to 380 ...Read More

Mercedes Actros MP3

– Taglift and Midlift – New tuning – Tuning lower lights – Computer(Addon) – Signs Credits: SimR, VizzyUP and Some help by EbanCH DOWNLOAD ...Read More

Mercedes Benz 1934

VERSION 1.0 Model: MB 1934 Chassis: 4X2 Pontecia: 380 cv New Motor Fic 480 HP Tank: 895 New Liters Fuel Consumption: 286 Truck Maintenance: 558 Animations: Standard + SteeringBar + KM counter and RPM Wheels: Standard Price of the Truck 159,600 Credits: Esdras Ferreira DOWNLOAD ...Read More

Mercedes Actros MP3 Reworked v1.6.1

Updated version 1.6.1 – Fixed spoiler Updated version 1.6 – Fixed bugs – Added new tuning – The lower lights made by tuning in a separate slot – Archive with mod added the onboard computer from piva (plug in option) – With permission of ...Read More