patch 1.25 Archive

Sahin Tofas

English: Working on 1.24.X – 1.27.X Turkish: Araçta Jantlar: Sertac Gizdas Arac Cizim: Salih Saygin, Ali Hikmet Gultekin Anim: Mert Kerem Belen, Metehan Bilal, Emir Bardakci DDS ve diger yardimlar : Eren Ayan, Orcun Guney, Yunus Emre Kara, Enes Bektas Convert : Emir Bardakci ...Read More

BMW M5 E60 V10

– Detailed model – Detailed interior – Real sound on exterior – Matte and metallic colors – Standalone – Working with 1.24-1.27 – Edit is forbidden, if you share use original link!!! Credits: Metehan Bilal DOWNLOAD ...Read More

Real engine & gearbox

real engine & gearbox for all truck 360-380-420-460-480-520-540-620-628-720-750-1000-2000 engine 4-6-8-10-12-16-18-21-25 gearbox tested on ETS2 1.25-1.26-1.27 tested on mp Credits: Amir_Dvg DOWNLOAD ...Read More

Audi S4 RS

– Replace DAF – Version ETS2 1.25 , 1.26 ( Not tested at 1.27, Comment if it works ) – car paint – AO baked body – Wheels – interior – physics – New bumpers (rs3) – Original rs style – Editing By BurakTuna24 ...Read More


LONE WOLF Skin for SCANIA RJL R / Streamline -Topline -Topline EXC -Longline – 2 Axe, Axe 3, 4 axis, 5 Axe LONE WOLF Krone Jumbo charge: Gabelstabler (19,000 Kg) Tested on : ETS 2 Ver .: 1.24.x, 1.25.x, 1.26.x Credits: OTF / DESIGN BUTCHER ...Read More

ETS2 1.27 Mercedes Antos 1840

Buy in MERCEDES Added NEW Reworked Sound by truck! Truck with tuning! Adaptation: [1.27.x] / 1.26.x / 1.25.x / 1.24.x / 1.23.x Test version: ETS2 Credits: Oleg, jekich1, Stas556. Tester: Maxagent DOWNLOAD ...Read More

KamaZ MonsteR ChassiS 8×8 [FIXED]

Find in Volvo Dealer Changelog: * The Truck is completely reanimated * Small errors are found and corrected * Fixed crash out of the game when trying to buy a Truck in the Cabin * Mistakes in the ravine are corrected * Wheels are ...Read More