patch 1.26 Archive

Summer Mod BETA

Summer mod beta is a weather and graphics mod Compatibility version: 1.30,1.28, 1.27, 1.26 – Appropriate temperature readings – Older roads, grass and fields replaced – HDR bloom reduced – reworked flares of lights – city lighting reworked – Realistic climates – More vibrant ...Read More

Better Stock Engines ETS2 1.27

The mod adds realistic torque curves to all stock engines. All figures in the engine’s description – torque, power, rev ranges – are now represented correctly in game. I used publicly available factory data to build torque characteristics for each engine. Some engines becomes ...Read More

Real Engine & Gearbox v2

real engine & gearbox for all truck 360 380 420 460 480 520 540 620 628 720 750 1000 2000 engine 4 6 8 10 12 16 18 21 25 gearbox tested on 1.25 1.26 1.27 tested on mp Credits: amir-dvg DOWNLOAD ...Read More


Buy in showroom DAF. New in version 1.06: – FIXED ERRORS WHEELS! – New engines are registered. – New transmission are registered. – New sounds are registered. – It is updated in the company. – It is updated in the desktop. – It is ...Read More

SCOT-A2HD v1.06

Version 1.06: * New Engines * New Transmission * New Sounds * Wheels are newly registered from Mack Superliner v 3.0 * Updated in the Company * Updated in the Desktop * Updated in the Dealer Find in DAF Dealer Tested version: Work ...Read More

Romanian Map v1.3.1a

Romania Map by Andu Team Version: 1.3.1a ===Information about map=== The map is standalone to work you must make a new save and new profile. The map is in alpha stage and come updates with new roads and new cities. ===Modification in 1.3.1a=== -Fix ...Read More