patch 1.28 Archive

Yutong Bus ZK6146H

CHIAN YUTONG BUS ZK6146H Independent sound and interior Buy in Scania Dealer Sound recording is not perfect I hope you like it version: 1.28.x ~ 1.30.x The car is shared by small yellow people for free Credits: ETS2-梓柠 DOWNLOAD ...Read More

Off-Road Trailer 1.28-1.30

Semi-trailer truck KAMAZ 4326 / 43118 / 6350 / 65221. Replaces the storm-side semi-trailer. Its shadow. The archive contains two versions of the semi-trailer: empty and with its cargo. Credits: radmir1318 DOWNLOAD ...Read More

Graneleira Guerra 2 axles

This is an old mod that I found and tried to update and improve it. Thanks to GL Mods for releasing the original one long time ago. The trailer has: >> 3 cargoes; >> Animated mudflaps; >> Led lights fully working; >> Skins; >> ...Read More

Man Lions Coach Skin Package SRB-HUN-EUR 1.30

Serbian transport companies: Lasta (Eurolines partner) Severtrans-Senta BečejprevoZ MOLPREVOZ-Ada European transport company: EUROLINES One hungary company: Volánbusz + Two bonus: School Bus Polizei (Deutsch, German) Tested: 1.30-1.28 game version! Upload it into the mod folder. Enjoy! Credits: Danika4 DOWNLOAD ...Read More

Volvo 2012 2013 Jermuk Combo Skin Packs 1.30

I bring to your attention; Combo Pack Skin Jermuk truck Volvo in 2012 and 2013. The skin is painted in metallic, in three different shades. Your choice. If you do not want to use the metallic shades, all sliders are lower to the bottom. ...Read More


FLIEGL ANIMAL TRANSPORT TRAILER (SINGLE & DOUBLE VERSIONS) Works on: ETS2 1.28-1.30.x Standalone trailers. Advanced coupling. 4 cargos. Added to AI traffic (single model). Reflective rear plates. Enjoy it. 🙂 MODS PROTECTED BY CREATIVE COMMONS LICENSE V4.0.… YOU CAN SHARE THEM FREELY BUT ...Read More