Physics Mod Archive

Realistic Truck Physics v5.2 1.28-1.30

v5.2 released. Changes; – Now compatible with new Scania R & S 2016. – Small physics improvements. *** – Realistic suspension springing – Realistic cabin shake – Realistic braking simulation – More difficult overturning on curvy roads – Physics is better while a trailer ...Read More

Air Ride A Series By Momo

Normally I am not a truck driver, but recently i got a chance to test drive a Volvo truck in real life. I found that the driver seat always moved up and down while the truck was on the move regardless of the road ...Read More

Truck Physics v3.4 by nIGhT-SoN [1.27]

Updated Truck Physics v3.4 for Ets2 1.27.x game version New version 3.4 – Changes to chassis work travel, lowered it a bit to feel more realistic, especially when truck starts moving at slow speed – Changes to to cabin travel, increased a little to ...Read More

U.R Physic Mod v5.5 SmhKzl 1.27

U.R Physic Mod v5.5.0 – Whell Suspansion – Cabin Suspansion – Whell and Cabin Mass – Cabin Strength – Trailer Suspansion – Re-Edit All Settings Works on *ETS2 Original Trucks + * Scania T RJL * DongFeng DFL 4251 * Volvo VNL780 ByFrankBr * ...Read More

As Extreme realist physics 1.27

Mod of physics somewhat more extreme than usual. ATTENTION !! 2 DIFFERENT VERSIONS. – As Extreme realist physics 1.27.XX.scs (ONLY FOR DRIVING WITH 900 DEGREES) – As Extreme realist physics VGT.1.27.XX.scs (ONLY TO DRIVE WITH KEYBOARD, GAMEPAD, THE FLYERS WITH VERY LITTLE RADIO OF ...Read More

Pneumatic Seat v3

Small events to simulate lift. In fact – it is a dynamic type of camera in the cabin, similar to the movement of pneumatic seats in real life. Set a higher priority over other modifications. V.3 –Update for ETS2 version 1.27 –Improved vertical swing ...Read More

Completely new physics

Mod improves the physics in the game. This is the first version, if they accept it I will update it. For version of the game: ETS2 1.26 Credits: misiek108 DOWNLOAD ...Read More