Physics Mod Archive

Improved truck physics v2.2

1.Corrected to more real life values such parameters as: max. brake temperature, brakes heating/cooling rates and cabin/wheel masses; 2.More realistic fifth wheel: added fifth wheel roll angle; 3.Changed brake efficiency: less overall effectiveness and less effectiveness at low speed (but higher upper margin of ...Read More

Realistic Driving and Physics for all Trucks v3

v3.0: Changes: – new braking strengh (If you want change in menu intensity) – new slow speed brake (low) – new clutch strengh v2.0: Changes: – fix driving in curves – fix air presure brake – new movement v1.0: – realistic brake – realistic ...Read More

Realistic driving and physics for all trucks v2

Realistic driving and physics for all trucks v2.0: Changes: – fix driving in curves – fix air presure brake – new movement – realistic brake – realistic acceleration – realistic movement in curves – realistic physics Credits: Robert125 DOWNLOAD ...Read More

Heavy Realistic Physics v2

Sophisticated physics for realistic lovers, 50% of the reworked Physics Advanced Techkilla. Not for the riders. To this physics you will feel all the charm of a heavy management, multi-ton trucks. You will learn to observe the speed limit and you will really need ...Read More

Winter physics trucks and trailers

Sophisticated physics default for tractors and trailers, to simulate the behavior of a truck in the winter in the direction of realism, as the game allows. Sharpened for working together with 3 modes: Winter Phisic (author piva), pneumatic (author of Big-Russian-Bear) and physics itself. ...Read More

As Extreme realist physics VGT 1.26

I leave here a recent mod, for those who like to use physical mods somewhat more extreme than usual. The mod directly affects the physical behavior of the truck and the interior physical (driver). It is configured to be able to use VGT, (Steering ...Read More