Renault Archive

Renault Major 420Ti v3 [1.30.x]

Changelog: – For new version: 1.28.x – 1.30.xx – Fixes bugs errors. – Log clean 100%. – Real sound for Renault Major. – 1 standard cabin. – 1 standard chassis 4×2. – 3 standard engines. – 8 standard transmissions. – Added desktop and company. ...Read More

Renault Magnum Updates v18.02

Changes in current version * Adaptation for v1.30 * Improvements of the model and textures * Bugfixes and corrections Install Put the file into your \mod\ folder. For tandems (optional) Put the file from “BDF” folder into your \mod\ folder. For American ...Read More

Renault Premium Edit

The Car is the Tool of SCS. Get Edit fully owned by me. L Led as an accessory car. The above Bara Name has been written. Small stickers and chrome plated Teşekkür Thanks to MerTR, who helped me in most of the parts Credits: Faruk ...Read More


RENAULT AE MAGNUM ETS2 1.28-1.30.x In this update: Adaptation to 1.30.x ETS2 game version. Def & mat files corrected. Added strobe lights. Added front banner “OVERSIZE LOAD”. Added front danger flags. Reworked interior light. 1 gamelog warning. Fix in progress. Do not affect to ...Read More

Renault Magnum Heavy Tuning v1.1

Renault Magnum 2009 Heavy Tuning ETS2 1.22.xx ~~~~~~~~~~~ Version 1.0 ~~~~~~~~~~~ DLC Cabin Accessories ready Heavy Tuning – Base by SCS – Umbau by Roadhunter – 8×4 Chassi – 3 variants of sidekirts – 4 variants of Heavy shields This Version is not compatible ...Read More

Renault T Range v6.2 (ETS2 1.27)

Changes: Adaptation under 1.27, updated all 3D models for a new patch, fixed small bugs in the log! The log is clean! Version 1.27 1 cabin 6 chassis 4 engines 2 transmissions Your interior (6 options) Their sounds Their wheels Supports painting in metallic ...Read More

Update Renault Magnum v17.02 1.27

Upgrading to version 17.02 Description: Changes in this version: * Adapting to version 1.27 * Improved on-board computer * Bugfixes and edits Installation: All previous versions of this mod, as well as all fixes to them, are removed! The file should be placed ...Read More