Renault Archive

Renault Major v2

– Tested on ETS2 v1.26 – His salon – Their sounds – Small tunning – Metalic painted – Support for Cabin DLC Credits: Danil Shamshura, Fenix DOWNLOAD ...Read More

Iranian Renault Premium Full Tuning

IRANIAN RENAULT PREMIUM FULL TUNING Iranian Plat & Cabotage Plat New light Night Color Plat TIR & L3 & Low chassis and lots of other features… Credits: Iranian Renault Premium Full Tuning DOWNLOAD ...Read More

Renault Range T 480 v4

Standalone, Renault dealer – Two cabins – Standard chassis kit – A standard set of engines for Renault Magnum – Its interior – only the European – His sound – Standard tuning from SCS – Support for DLC flags and accessories – Added in ...Read More

Renault Premium Reworked v3.6

Mod replaces the default Renault Premium! – 2 cabins, each cabin has a spoiler: 2 for high and 1 for low. – All chassis – Added nameplates engines – Added decals on the side Windows – 3 front bumper (fully paint, plastic + paint ...Read More

Renault T Range v6.2 [1.26]

Updating 6.2 Changes in the version: – options of salon are added – tuning is added – some corrections and improvements – new template Versions of a game: 1.25 – 1.26 – The truck is on sale in car showroom Renault. – It is ...Read More