Russian Truck Archive

F.S.C. Star 200 1.26

– Real technical specifications – Weight 6 tons + trailer up to 8.5 tons – Fuel Tank 150 liters – The model is independent, the second slot in the showrooms Scania – Your salon – It is not recommended to use the automatic transmission ...Read More

URAL 4320-43202 v5.5 1.26 – 1.27 beta

Find in dealership VOLVO! Updates in v5.5: Fixes bugs.. New personal big wheels are registered… Fixed physics truck.. Original engines + increase in power.. Original transmissions + passability is increased.. Fixed sounds for truck.. The truck collision is corrected.. It is also updated in ...Read More

Pack 10.4 compt. Trucks with Powerful

Pack 10.4 compt. Trucks with Powerful Ahead thank you to all authors creators of these wonderful trucks. The trucks included in this pack are all compatible with the engine mod; Pack Powerful Engines + Gearboxes v 10.4. All engines and gearboxes work with the ...Read More

KamAZ 5410 + Trailers

This mod adds to the game Autonomous truck KAMAZ 5410 which is registered in the Renault saloon (completely separate slot) 4 cabins 3 the chassis (1 of them bdf) 16 engines (10 YaMZ 2 TMZ, 4 Kamaz) 13 CAT His salon its sounds Its ...Read More

KAMAZ 4410-6450 [v3] 1.26

Find in dealership VOLVO! Updates in v3.0: Fixes bugs!!! Add OffRoad Wheels by KAMAZ.. Updates engines.. Updates transmissions.. Updates Lightmask.. Updates Physics for Truck.. Work DLC Cabin Accessory.. Adapted version: 1.26.x Test version: 1.26.6s Log Clear! Credits: JAWA, Smith, dmitry68, Stas556, _69_mf_, updated: Kamazist_1980 ...Read More

MAZ 504B Reworked v2.6.1

Fixed collision. Now the cabin does not touch the trailer when cornering. Work in versions: 1.24.x, 1.25.x, 1.26.x.x. Tested version: 1.26.6s Credits: Fox071rus, Stas556, Kriechbaum, Kosa6414, MaxaGent Fixed collision Рsevere116RUS DOWNLOAD ...Read More

KAMAZ Offroad 43-63-65 1.26

KAMAZ Offroad 43-63-65 Author: Koral Adaptation: _69_mf_ Description: Official off-road version of the famous KAMAZ. Dirt is present. Invisible cargo for single 65117. Fixed some bugs. Adapted version: 1.26.x Credits: Koral DOWNLOAD sharemods DOWNLOAD yadisk ...Read More

Kamaz Pack v4.1

-Separate slot Tuning(grille, vans, etc.) -Your wheels -Your sounds -4 types of KAMAZ model: 5410, 5511, 4310, 53212 -A huge number of booths -A large number of trailers under certain vans -Support Accessories Credits: M@x_1996 DOWNLOAD ...Read More

MAZ 504B Reworked v 2.6

Find in MAN Dealer Version 2.6: * Fixes many bugs and errors * Reworked Color * Reworked Lightmask * Reworked Interior * Reworked Sound * Reworked Wheels * Reworked Truck Physics * Reworked Engines * Reworked Transmissions Work in versions: 1.24.x, 1.25.x, 1.26.x.x. Tested ...Read More