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Best Final Save ETS2 1.30

Save game for Euro Truck Simulator 2. To download the save game is strictly important to have dls_east & dls_north & dls_fr & dls_italy. (Scandinavia & Going East & France & Italy )!!!. All other DLS in this save game has been DISABLED!!! (To ...Read More

100% SaveGame with all DLCs

Well,I am again back,after playing ETS2 for a long time with DLCs. I have brought good results in the game. It covers all DLCs.[Scandinavia, Going East, Vive La France!] Its is almost,an 100% SAVEGAME with all DLCs released by SCS SOFTWARE ever. 100% includes ...Read More

100% Save 1.27

This backup contains: – 119 garages – 111 trucks – All garages are improved to the maximum – Every garage contains between 1 or 2 trucks custom ( look map to know in which garages are the trucks ) – 100 000 000€ – ...Read More

Ultimate Save

This is the UPDATED SAVEGAME for 1.26.xx and 1.27.xx … This SaveGame is played WITHOUT DLCs… Well,try this amazing savegame. FEATURES: PROFILE:A.JaYaNTh ReDDy(The Divine Champion) LEVEL:5358 MONEY:€5230306816 XP:33666520 DISTANCE DRIVEN:4000008448 Km RATING:10.0 GARAGES OWNED:72(All) TRUCKS:360(All) DRIVERS:252(Available) Credits: A.JaYaNTh ReDDy DOWNLOAD ...Read More

Ultimate Save 1.26

* MONEY:5,201,899,536 * XP:4255428523 * LEVEL:625813 * ALL GARAGES OWNED! * TRUCKS:154 * DRIVERS:116 Credits: kuzucuk DOWNLOAD ...Read More

100% Original Save + DLC

Original passage of game Level 109 Money € 382 KK Garage in Marseille Open to all transportation Open all upgrades Credits: TSM Studios mods DOWNLOAD ...Read More