Scania Archive

Scania R Accessories

Scania R Accessories – Spoiler Higline and Normal Cabin – Deflectors Topline Higline and Normal Cabin – Windowtrim – Cones all Chasis – New Frontintake Credits: Habdorn DOWNLOAD ...Read More

Accessories for Scania R 2009 SCS

The mod adds extra tuning Scania R – Sployer to the cabin and Higline Normal – Deflektor To all cabins – A cone for all chassis – New grille Test ETS2 version 1.26.2 Credits: Habdorn DOWNLOAD ...Read More

Tuning Scania R (SCS)

Mod alters DEFAULT Scania R. Adds: – Additional chassis – Additional interiors – Additional steering wheels – additional tuning – Support All DLC – to archive a file with sound for Scania Credits: Zeeuwse, Trucker.SCS.RJL.P8-Powerkasi.Team-Poland.Piva.Longlinerv8.50Keda DOWNLOAD ...Read More

Scania R (SCS) Tuning Beta

Hello again, I have something geknutseld, Scania R SCS Tuning Betá version 1.0. Custom interiors include UK this time, only topline cabin. A lot of tuning some made by me some rebuild some of others… because i worked so long on this mod i ...Read More

Scania R500 HCN with Schmitz Trailer

– Truck and trailer fully Standalone – Interior – Some Addons – Flares – Disc, hub, cover and nuts – V8 Sound – Interior Light Test for ETS2 versions 1.23-1.24 and 1.25-1.26 Credits: Addictted 3D,Emre54(JonSnow),Yafet Rasta JR.,Matgamer DOWNLOAD ...Read More

Scania R2008 ETS2 1.25

This is Scania R2008 modifications mod with real interior and exterior. Mod have 3 cabin selection(Highline,Highline and plastic,Topline) Many chassis selection With tandem and trailers Many tuning parts Realistic textures Paintable Compatible with Cabin DLC Have some original sounds Fixed all bugs Version: ETS2 ...Read More

Scania S Series Minor bugs fixed + number plate -Interior (Old Scania series) -Lightmask -FULLY AO -DLC Addapted -3D Lamps -High Quality Turbosquid model -Wheels -Chassis -Tuning parts -Template New: -Fixed minor bugs -Fixed license plate Tested ETS2 1.26.1 Have fun! Credits: Jekich1, Rizal, Danex DOWNLOAD ...Read More

Scania S730

New generation Scania S730. Truck is v1.0 version. It has: 1 Cabin, 1 chassis, 1 engine.On future I plan to make more variants. Truck is standalone, found on Scania dealership Credits: Thomas,Alex1972 DOWNLOAD ...Read More