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Truck comes with a lot of chassis options,normal paint/methallic option / personal colour – Truck is AO baked – Chassis options : -Chs 6×2 midlift -Chs 6×2 Taglift -Chs 6×4 Taglift -Chs 4×2 – Interior : Standard interior – Exterior plastic parts can be ...Read More

Scania P Standalone v1.1

Changed 1.1: Added Streamline variants This is a standalone port of GT-Mikes SCS Scania R->P replacer mod! It adds a new Scania P truck to your local Scania dealer! All of the stock tuning options work, with some additional choices. For Mighty Griffin and ...Read More

Carls Scania R&S v8.1

ETS2 1.27 patch mod Changes from version 8.0 to version 8.1 Fixed camera highliner cabin Fixed interiors Credits: Carls1309, SCS,RJL,AU44,50Keda,V8K,GTMike,John Lee,Thunderhawk . DOWNLOAD ...Read More

Scania illegal V8 Reworked v5 (ETS2 1.27)

-6 Cabins. -9 Chassis. -18 Engines. Very many accessories. Compatible DLC- Cabin Accessories. Advanced coupling. Changes in 5.0 Adapted for ETS2 1.27 Added interior Credits: Carls1309, John Lee, RJL, AU44,50Keda, V8K, GT Mike, Afrosmiu, redevil, abasstreppas, Drivter, SCS, Blade1974, Malcom37, Zilzalp DOWNLOAD ...Read More