Volvo Archive

Volvo NH12 edit mjtemdark 1.32

This mod adds to ETS2 the standalone Volvo NH12 2000, this upgrades the 1.28.x version Changes: > Add trailer cables > Fix colisions > Little changes in interior > Fix 5th wheel distances and axis height > Fix truck dealer > Adjust dlc toys Download

Volvo NH12 420

– Multiple engine options – Multiple chassis options – Multiple transmission options – Various skins and paintings options – Own interior and various accessories – Various external accessories – Working on version 1.31.x Credits: SouzaSG DOWNLOAD Download

Volvo F10/F12 v1.0 Edit by Mjtemdark

Features truck: – independent truck model – High quality detailed exterior – High quality detailed interior – the model has own interior – the model has own sound – the model has own wheels – passangers seats – the character is correctly sitting in Download

Volvo FH 2009 8×4 Ulfers v7.0

Volvo FH 2009 8×4 Ulfers ETS2 1.31.x.x Version 7.0 – ready for ETS2 1.31.x.x – cable simulation – ready for ETS2 1.27.x.x – with Advanced Trailer Coupling DLC Cabin Accessories ready Heavy Tuning – Base by SCS – Umbau by Roadhunter – Skin by Download

Low deck chassis addon for Eugene Volvo FH

Raised spoilers. Cables working! 5 Optionals number plates. Removable wings. You still need the original mod, my mod only contain necessary pmd, pmg and def files to add it to the original mod by Eugene: Volvo FH&FH16 2012 Reworked Credits: Eugene, Sogard3 DOWNLOAD Download

Volvo F Series v2.0 1.31

Changes v2.0: – Sell old trucks and buy new – Cables added for game 1.31 – Interior light errors fixed – Clean console(with truck only on a profile)other trucks may conflict – Window refection fixed(gone) – Added 2 skins Orange and Silver, Royal – Download

Volvo FH & FH16 2012 Reworked v3.1

This is a remake of a default Volvo FH16 2012 by SCS Software with tons of new stuff added, such as new bumpers, sideskirts, roofbars. New engines and transmissions, reworked chassis, reworked headlights and many more You can make own painjobs using provided template. Download

Volvo FH 2013 Low Chasis Addon

Low Deck Volvo FH 2013 – smaller tanks – flat fenders – lower suspension For comparison, make a run on default and you will see the difference. This is more realistic than the standard. Credits: shaneK DOWNLOAD Download

Volvo FH16 2012 [RPIE] 1.31

-Truck updated to version 1.31 beta of ets2 -More than 40 chassis: Normal chassis, heavy load chassis and tandem chassis. -Trailer cables ready! -All DLCs ready -Many customization options -Tandem trailers included Credits:RPIE WARNING!!! You have no permission to upload our mods on other website Download