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Volvo FH 2009 v17.1r

This is mod replaces default Vovlo 2009, but the whole tuning with standalone Volvo 2009 Classic [ohaha] v17.1s v17.1r Interior and truck mod updated.Fixed shadow issue. Link 1 Truck Link 2 Custom interior Credits: SCS, ohaha, pendragon DOWNLOAD part 1 DOWNLOAD part 2 ...Read More

Volvo FH13

– Standalone – V8 Open Pipe Sound – Cabin DLC ready – Wheels – Lift Axle – AO Texture – Work on ETS2 1.26 Game version Credits: Truckskill, Fenix,AMV.tomas, A.Teodor, Matgamer DOWNLOAD ...Read More

Volvo Faca FH16

Vehicle: scs Edit: Yunus Dawn Some of the parts are: Dolphin Dawn Note: Int light is on and off with that letter Credits: Yunus Şafak DOWNLOAD ...Read More

Pack of Brazilian Volvo Trucks N1020 NL10 NL12 NH12

Pack of Brazilian Volvo Trucks N1020 NL10 NL12 NH12 edited by Cp_MorTifIcaTioN V1.4.1 Final. Tested and adapted to the game version: 1.26.XX Official. Creator: Tonho Nunes / Robert Lima Edited by Cp_MorTifIcaTioN Standalone, dealer Volvo and Volvo UK slots 1, 2 and 3. Editions: ...Read More

Volvo FH16 540 Fisotrans v2

Volvo FH16 540 Fisotrans v2 – standalone – Trailer included – addons – interior light – 2 differnt wheels – wheels and rims Credits: Caspian Custom Team DOWNLOAD ...Read More

Volvo VNL 670 v1.6

-Added a new set of steering wheel with a modern icon Volvo -Added animations gas pedal -Added animated button the interior light / switch beacon -Added animation of the TV screen. They will work when the engine is started -Added animation to supply air ...Read More

New Volvo FH16 Accessories + Interior v3.1

You have to download 2 links as tools and parts Update: ETS2 1.26xx Last dragged Backside staircase Cabinet light logo Curtain on side windows All windows were shrunk Update:1.25xx Fixed steering wheel works all animation disorder Lobar type a. more light Sockets and Volvo ...Read More