Winter Mods Archive

Mild Winter Weather Mod v2.4

This mod simulates mild winter weather and environment Features Random grey sky, misty and sunny weather Darker lighting and skies during rainy weather Darker nights Improved rain No thunder or lightning Leafless vegetation Winter daylight hours Appropriate temperature readings No thunder and lighting No ...Read More

Winter & Snow MOD 2016 v1.4

Winter & Snow mod for ETS2 1.26 This mod simulates winter. Key Features Winter weather and lighting Snow/Sleet instead of rain Winter daylight hours Early morning fog No physics mod has been applied so the trucks will drive as normal. Credits: Grimes DOWNLOAD ...Read More

Real Snowfall v2 Wintermods ETS2 1.25 & above

– Increased/doubled Snow particles count on wheels The Key Features are: – Snowfleets – Removed Rainstripes – “Auto Blink off” is set to 20% of Steering Wheel Range instead of 27% – Changed Behavour of the Snowfleets, (longer Lifetime, Slow Moving, no Splash Effect, ...Read More

Real Snowfall Mod for Wintermods ETS2 1.25+

This is my Snowfall Mod for Wintermods like the Frosty Winter Mod. This Mod is tested on 1.25x, i think it is also compatible for ETS2 1.26, however i have not tested it yet. The Key Features are: – Of course Snowfall – Removed ...Read More

SiSL’s Mega Pack feat. Star Wars DLC v2.5

What’s New in 2.5? C’est la saison! – Almost complete renewal of items with new SCS Blender Tools, fixed Ambient shadows on most. New items: – 2x X-Mas Presents – X-Mas Tree (SCS version) – Santa Girl Bobblehead – Futurama: Robot Santa – Eiffel ...Read More

Complete Winter Mod v3.0.1

Changes in v3.0.1 – Improved mod for ETS2 1.26 patch – Added missing files from v2.5.1 – Fixed errors and warnings – Fixed texture of DAF XF – Small changes in extreme version Credits: satan19990 DOWNLOAD ...Read More