Air Ride A3 by Momo 1.33

This mod makes your driver seat move up & down like it’s on air suspension.
It can both work as a stand alone or an add on for any other physics mod.

A : Extra sensitivity, Low frequency (may not work correctly with 1.33)
A2 : Medium high sensitivity. Medium high frequency. (may not work correctly with 1.33)
A3: Extra sensitivity, Low frequency, No pitch movement. (not tested with older than 1.33)
B : High sensitivity, High frequency movement. (may not work correctly with 1.33)
C : Extreme sensitivity (may not be realistic), Low frequency (may not work correctly with 1.33)

1. Make sure you have enabled the “physics camera” in the game option menu. And its bar has been set to 100%.
2. (Recommended) Set the “Trailer Stability” to 0%.
3. This mod must be higher than any other physics mod, and higher than truck mods too.

– Compatible with game ETS2 patch 1.33 and all DLCs.
– Compatible with all physics mods, all maps, all trucks.

Credits: Momo


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