Car / Bus Archive

ETS2 Cars & ETS2 Bus Mods will give your game a new feeling. Mods give you you the ability to add different vehicles that replace the trucks. So you can download ETS2 bus mods with passengers and take them from one place to another. Also get an Euro Truck Simulator 2 car mod and drive it fast on the highway. Your truck might be limited, but with a fast car mod you can go over 300 km/h on a German autobahn. We have a big variety of cars, from basic cars to maybe a drivable police car. In conclusion, here you will find ETS2 Mods that will change the your whole gaming experience.

BMW M5 E39 1.33

Features; → 2 Kinds of Cabin. (Normal & Camouflage) → 1 Chassis | (Color & Tuning) → 2 Motor Options | (5.0 MPerformance & Skoda) → 1 Wheel & Tire | (M5 Original) → All Colors Not Working → Lightmask → Ao → Anim Download

Fix For Renault Laguna 1.33

You can buy this vehicle from all dealers. – Physics fixed. Place above the original mod in mod manager. Compatible for: 1.32.x – 1.33.x Credits: Hüseyin Karadana DOWNLOAD Download

Honda S2000 v2 1.33

2 different steering wheels 1 Spoiler 2 Bumpers 4 Rims Sound Real gauages (working) 4 different radio Cabin DLC AO for Interior 4 different hardtops Mirrors working and more.. Tested on 1.33.x versions You can buy it in all dealers DON’T EDIT WITHOUT PERMISSION! Download

Dealer fix Fiat 126 Bis 1.33

Dealer fix for “Fiat 126 Bis” You can buy this vehicle from Iveco dealers. Place above the original mod in mod manager. Credits: By_KeReMM Compatible for: 1.32.x – 1.33.x For ATS: click_here Credits: deTbiT DOWNLOAD Download