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Bus G7 1200 1.32

Bus G7 1200 1.32 Buy in mercedes Benz dealer! Working Perfectly on 1.32-1.33 Credits: Golden Modding, hellboy90, fabio, erteam DOWNLOAD Download

VRL Volvo Sleeper for Volvo DBMX Grand and PX

-dealer volvo GERMANY(nurnberg) -KaSRTC Club Class FOR VOLVO DBMX PX -more skins here -SUBSCRIBE my youtube channel to get notified when new skins are released -don’t re-edit -don’t re upload -don’t change the download link Mod Owners BUS MOD -VOlVO DBMX/MAGO SKIN Download

Ikarus 250 Apollo Beta ETS2 1.32-1.33

Purchased in Iveco stores Own wheels. A little tuning. Accessories in the cab. Skins Plates on the windshield (Moscow, St. Petersburg). Template. Credits: KanSky, Гоша Мотор, Виталик Красильников, Вячеслав Александрович, Сергей Виноградов, losevo58, serega22 DOWNLOAD Download

Tofas Dogan SLX 1.31, 1.32

1 cabin 2 interior 4 chassis 2 engine 2 gearboxes 3 antenna 3 rear window 2 rear bumper 2 tank cap 7 exhaust 2 front headlights 1 streamer 1 female model 2 logo 1 side window accessory 1 oben 1 decor plate 8 front Download