Trailers Archive

ETS2 Trailer Mods for transporting your cargo. Download trailers with more features, various sizes, new brands and trailer packs. You can get a normal or even a trailer ownership mod. So add a new one to your fleet now! Here’s some of what we have in terms of normal semitrailer mods: small city semi, flatbed, dry van, curtainsider, tipper, refeer semi, log trailer, walking floor and container semitrailer.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 also gives us the possibility to use double trailers or tandem. This feature is enabled since the release of Scandinavian DLC. On our website you can even find long multi-car sets mods that will really be a challenge for you. The most challenging might be an oversize trailer. Download and play with big trailers, transport anything heavy from airplane parts, trains, buses and other agabaritic loads. Some of the most famous ETS2 mods are packs by Jazzycat, animated trailers, heavy semi-trailer mods and trailer ownership mods. The ownable ones can also be made better and more personal with the semi-trailer tuning parts. Get a new mod now and transport your cargo in style with an even more realistic feel than before.

Bohse Onkelz Trailer 1.33

The mod contains a skin for the german band Böhse Onkelz! The complete mod with at least 2 skins for all SCS trucks and a lot of cabin accessories, as well as another trailer. Credits: Mario_JR DOWNLOAD Download

Krone Trailer Profiliner Open

WORKS ONLY WITH KRONE PROFILINER!! ———————————————- DLC you must have: Krone DLC Mod what i recommend to use: HM Immersive symbols ————————————————– When trailer is connected to truck .. it’s closed. When trailer is disconnected from truck .. it’s opened. It’s not the Download

Skin Motorcycles – Moto GP v2

Good day! This mod contains a skin “Motorcycles – Moto GP”, for all purchased trailers. I wish You a pleasant game! Tested on 1.32.x version Credits: Alex Stark DOWNLOAD Download

Trailer Pack by Omenman v2.21.0

In the package 400 skins and 80 cargoes in 164 companies, located on the default map and all official DLC. The mod adds 7 types of default trailers from previous versions of the game: Fuel, Coolliner, Fridge, Profiliner, Container, Cement and Schmitz Universal, as Download

Mudflaps for own trailers Krone v1

Mudflaps for own trailers Krone for Euro truck simulator 2 This mod adds 19 rear mud flaps to your own Krone trailers. Mod requires installed: Krone Trailer Pack DLC. Credits: SCS, CDS DOWNLOAD Download

Trailer Pack Cement v1.00.0

In the package 20 skins and 5 cargoes for the trailer Cement Cistern, in 116 companies, located on the default map and all official DLC. All trailers and skins included in the traffic. For ETS2 patch 1.33. For the Russian version, you will need Download

Signs on your Trailer [WIP] v0.5.40.00 beta

Game version of mod Euro Truck Simulator 2 patch 1.33 For Standard SCS trailers and Krone DLC Important: You need to have DLC – Krone Trailer Pack installed! The mod is still under development. There is still a lot to be done in a mod. Download