Complete Winter Mod v2.5


My next version of ETS2 winter mod. Mod added many things from real winter like snow bars, snowed road, vegetation and small things like christmas tree, christmas lights, snowmans, snow plows. Just all what you need in winter mod. Mod is splitted to few parts so all can find perfect version to use (more in readme files). Mod will be works with all maps and DLC. Tested and working in v1.21

Changes in v2.5
– Improved mod for 1.21 patch
– Few new snow textures
– Improved mod for SC DLC
– Added snow and other winter details on many buildings
– Changes in weather and day time
– X-mas atmosphere on DLC SC (Trelleborg, Malmo, Kobenhavn, Helsingborg)
– Improved mod for maps Pro Mods, Poland Rebuilding, RusMap i TSM Map.




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  1. The “more asphalt” add-on messes up the tires. It shows name brand tires (Goodyear, Continental, etc…) under the generic STS logos (i.e. Runner).

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