Engines and transmissions pack Kamaz 5490 NEO

Engines and transmissions pack for Kamaz 5490 NEO v1.0

– Mod will add engines and boxes for KamAZ 5490 “NEO”.
– The parameters are taken from the real-life engines of the new generation “KamAZ-910” family “R6”.
– “KamAZ 910.12.450 R6” – 450 liters per second; “KamAZ 910.11.500 R6” – 500 liters per second; “KamAZ 910.10.550 R6” – 550 l / s.
– CAT; 6-st. Retarder., 8-st. Retarder. (2 pieces), 16-st. Retarder. (2 pcs.).
– Does not replace anything.

– Test version: 1.30.x, 1.31.x

– Installation:
– Put in the Mod folder, connect it to the mod manager.
– Put above the modified tracks.

– Keep the original links! Respect author’s work!

Credits: ~ Tok ~


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