ETS2 1.31 patch open beta

The ETS2 update 1.31 brings some new exciting features to the game. One big feature is trailer cables as mentioned in a previous post. Another important update is that we have upgraded mirror rendering code which will make the mirror view more realistic and more accurate.

ETS2 1.31 mods can be found here:

Random road events are also here. There will also be plenty of them. From minor crashes to big accidents like burnt out vehicles and emergency landing of small planes.

ets2 update 1.31

Another exciting thing is that we will get 8×4 chassis for Next-Gen Scania R and S.

ets2 scania 8×4

In other news there will be better precision of trip data for dashboard computer, automatic parking break when re-spawning in your truck, updated license plates for various countries and changes in the tools and mods category.

Here is a full list of the updates of the Euro Truck Simulator patch 1.31:

  • Power/air lines between truck and trailer(s)
  • Improved mirror rendering (head position-based FOV, properly curved mirrors)
  • Random road events
  • 8×4 Scania R and S truck chassis
  • Job selection screens have new filter and cargo search elements.
  • UK trailers are not a standalone vehicle for license plates anymore
  • Parking brake automatically ON after truck spawn (g_park_brake_init)
  • Screenshot name format now based on date and time
  • Increased precision trip data (dashboard computer display)
  • Faster gear shifting for new opticruise transmissions
  • Fixed/updated LP in various countries (Belgian, Norway, Polish, Czech)
  • Fixed torque converter locking
  • Fixed damaged predefined trucks in dealers and quick jobs
  • Fixed trailer damage reporting
  • Fixed HDR interpolation
  • New terrain brushes in the map editor
  • Dropped support of the old maps (pre 4.38, due to brushes)
  • Mirror_data
  • A trailer could be registered as standalone or not
  • Variable shift length
  • Truck dealer trucks are not on the list anymore, the game reads all units in given directory
  • Steerable wheel independent on wheel model
  • Dropped support for old attributes

Wonder how to install ETS2 patch 1.31 beta? simply go to your Steam library and select Euro Truck Simulator 2. Right click on the name then go to properties and then click on BETAS. Select the beta you want from the list (“public_beta – 1.30 public beta” in our case). More info here: How to install beta updates

Read the original SCS Soft post about the patch here.

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