ETS2 1.32: Trailer Ownership

The future updates to ETS2 will bring various changes to the game. The team at SCS Software has been working for over an year to create a trailer ownership feature that will be brought into the game. With this comes a series of big changes to the gameplay logic and economy, camera work, user interface screens, there are tons of new models, artwork, textures, and paint jobs.

ets2 trailer ownership

In the next update trailer ownership will be possible for most trailers, but not for all. More trailers will be available in future updates.

The trailers will have a custom trailer upgrade shop. You will be able to build, configure, tune and paint your own trailers. Multiple chassis, trailer types and paint jobs will be available to choose from. Parts to tune the trailer will also be a thing and the wheels customizable as well.

ets2 trailer ownership configuration

Trailer types available: refrigerated, insulated, curtain siders and dry cargo trailers. Also moving floor variants will be available as well.

Single, double or also the newly available b-double are the configurations you’ll be able to choose from.

For ADR (HAZMAT) cargoes there will be a warning sign that will spawn on your trailer.

ets2 patch 1.32

Adding the trailer ownership in game will be a huge change, especially to the game economy. It will be much more cargo-focused, but Quick jobs and Freight market will stay around.

We cannot wait for the next Euro Truck Simulator 2 update and we think that this is a step for SCS officially adding virtual truck companies in their games as well.

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