ETS2 1.35 New Roads Are Coming!

In the next patch, ETS2 1.35 New Roads are added. Considering the current vast road network in Euro Truck Simulator 2, this is just great news. For the vast majority of the additions you need to have some map DLCs installed. For example, we have two new roads added in Vive la France! DLC. One connects A6 with the N44 and it is in the basic map region and one in the DLC map, which connects highways A10 and A6.

ETS2 1.35 New Roads


Also we have to add that other roads are updated and fresh, like many parts of Germany. That is great news for the players! Similarly to the ETS2 1.35 new roads, there are some new trailers in ETS2 patch 1.35 too!

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