ETS2 1.35 new trailers coming!

ETS2 1.35 new trailers are almost here with the upcoming patch and SCS is preparing us for that! After the 1st of April prank about the next patch, we now have real news about it. Some new trailers are making their way to us. We now have got a few box and cargo trailers that are also available for you to own.

ets2 1.35 new trailers

The new additions coming in Euro Truck Simulator 2 are new ownable container trailers, log trailers double trailers. Also these trailers will vary in size and length.

ets2 patch 1.35

Schwarzmüller trailers are now available to be buy and own! A Schwarzmüller log trailer is also included. You can now use Double trailers in Germany and The Netherlands.

ets2 schwazmuller ownable

You can haul a 40 feet container trailer by Krone now.

ets2 krone ownable

Are you ready for these ETS2 1.35 new trailers? Let us know in the comments below! Until then, check out other ETS2 Trailer Mods.

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