ETS2 Balkan DLC Coming Next?

Everyone is saying this! The next Euro Truck Simulator 2 DLC will be either an ETS2 Balkan DLC update or Euro Horse Simulator! So now, jokes aside, there was a recent video posted by SCS Software on their YouTube channel. Considering the place where the video was filmed in the game, we expect a Balkan Map DLC to happen next!

Although they mention in their recent blog post that they are working new major ETS 2 map expansion, they do not mention the place. Here are some more reasons why to believe that they are working on new Balkan states. Because in the video they present a horse and carriage riding on a dirt road. Also, in a distant view we can see a small village where the dirt road takes you. You can find these type of roads and villages are often in Eastern European countries. Likewise, lets not forget the background music. We have found out what it is by exploring some comments on SCS’s blog post. It actually is a Bulgarian song.

What do you think of these facts? Do you think the ETS2 Balkan DLC is happening?

What do ETS2 players say?

People have been requesting the expansion to the Eastern European part for a while now. Also I see a lot of payers that request that a real expansion of the Balkans should be including Greece too. That certainly sounds like a lot! Here is what a list of countries sounds good to a fellow trucker (Tyler Brundell) in the SCS’s blog post comment section: Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Greece, and the European part of Turkey.

Above we added a video of the video trailer posted by SCS Software. Check it out!

Until the release of the next Euro Truck Simulator 2 DLC, we recommend you to download some ETS2 Map Mods from our website. Similarly, you can also find other mods that make your in game experience better.

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