ETS2 Baltic Towns and Cities

The cities in the Baltic Expansion DLC are influenced by different cultures of the regions. For this SCS is working on making every city unique in it’s own way. This way, ETS2 will be much more realistic and enjoyable!

The upcoming update is called ETS2 Beyond The Baltic Sea DLC and it consist in the Baltic region of Europe. Here you will be able to discover big cities or visit historical villages. Both were hand crafted from scratch and they look as real as possible. The countries included in this DLC are Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, and also south of Finland and parts of Russia.

ets2 beyond the baltic sea dlc

The official release date of this Euro Truck Simulator 2 new DLC is not actually known. What we know for certain is that it will be released later this year! Until then, you still have the best map mods for ETS2 available!

ets2 baltic dlc

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