ETS2 Bulgaria – Road to the Black Sea DLC

ETS2 Bulgaria is one thing that many of the fans were expecting to hear! The upcoming Euro Truck Simulator 2 Road to the Black Sea DLC will include three Balkan countries, even Bulgaria. You can read more about all the countries and the DLC in our previous post, ETS2 DLC Road to the Black Sea confirmed.

ETS2 Bulgaria Road to black sea dlc

So Bulgaria also has an exit to the Black Sea and it features Slavic country sides and also a few motorways. Considering that, we will get some more ports and more beautiful views.

ets2 bulgaria map

In conclusion, we cannot wait to roam around the new ETS2 Road to the Black Sea map expansion! You can save the DLC to your wishlist on Steam. Until the release, make sure to check some of our ETS2 Map Mods.

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