ETS2 DLC Road to the Black Sea confirmed

ETS2 DLC Road to the Black Sea

ETS2 DLC Road to the Black Sea is confirmed! The next big DLC update is a map expansion. First of all, let’s see which countries are included. Considering the expectations of the fans, the map expansion will be a bit small. It includes only 3 countries: Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey. Also it is based on a long road leading to Istanbul, with various scenes like big cities to humble villages, as seen in the picture below. We sure hope that it won’t be the only one, but that’s what it looks like for now. If this is the case, maybe we’ll get more of these countries and also additional ones in future Euro Truck Simulator 2 updates.

The release date is planned in 2019 on Steam.

To tease us a little more, SCS posted the video below about the ETS2 DLC Road to the Black Sea.

Finally, to read more info and see pictures, check out SCS’s blog post. Until this DLC is ready, check out some ETS2 Map Mods on our site!

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  1. and Spain and Portugal when? I find it very sad that after so much time there is still no dlc from Spain and Portugal in good condition.

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