ETS2 Event: Trade Connections

Take part in the new World of Trucks event in Euro Truck Simulator 2 and win special prizes! The reason of this event is that starting with the 1.32 update, the territory of Germany is being upgraded. So far only the northern region of the country has been re-touched.

ets2 event

What you have to do in this event is deliver 10 cargoes that are longer than 300 km to or from Germany. Here are the complete rules:

  • This is a community event – there is a personal goal for each participant, and there is also a global shared goal to complete the event.
  • To earn your personal reward for participation, your goal is to complete a delivery of 10 cargoes to or from Germany, each starting or ending in different countries in the rest of Europe. The deliveries must be longer than 300 km.
  • A total of 50 million tons of material, machinery, goods, food, and supplies must be transported by the community during the event.
  • In order to qualify for the community reward, you must complete at least your personal contribution.
  • The community reward will be granted once 50 million tons of cargo are delivered.
  • You need to be signed up and connected to World of Trucks service for the online jobs to register.
  • To verify if you comply with the rule to deliver to/from 10 different countries, you can review your recent deliveries in the World of Truck’s LogBook.

The prizes for your personal contribution of delivering 10 cargoes:

  • Brandenburg Gate dashboard mini-replica
  • 3 random country pennants, possibly including rare German Pennant

If the community goal is achieved, you will also receive:

  • German Shepherd bobblehead dashboard toy
  • Golden Stag dashboard statue
  • ‘Under the Bridge’ background for the game’s main menu

ets2 event rewards

Good luck and have fun!

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