ETS2 patch 1.35 released

ETS2 patch 1.35 is now released as a full version. It is a big update which includes many new features and upgrades which we’ll be listing below.

ETS2 patch 1.35

One surprise feature also made its way into this patch. Now you can enable GPS Voice Navigation in Euro Truck Simulator 2! However please take into consideration that this is the first phase of this feature and it will be improved. The available languages for now are English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Turkish and Mandarin Chinese. More of them will be added in the future.

ETS2 patch 1.35 beta

Above all, I think a big part of this ETS2 patch 1.35 is the addition of new roads and upgrades of the older ones. Germany roads got their second revision, there are new roads in France and most important of all, we got a whole new island, the island of Sardinia! For getting Sardinia on your map, you do need the Italia DLC installed.

Similarly important are trailer updates. You now have the option of buying a bigger variety of trailers. Starting from container, logging but also Krone and Schwarzmuller trailers.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 patch 1.35 beta

If you’ve got a company it’s also important to note that you can now copy your truck or trailer configurations across your fleet.

Below, we have added a full list of features of the new Euro Truck Simulator 2 patch 1.35:



  • Purchased container trailers
  • Purchased logging trailers
  • Browse purchased trailers & accessories
  • Double trailers in Germany and Netherlands
  • Krone Boxliner for 40ft or 2x20ft containers (Krone DLC)
  • Purchased Schwarzmüller reefer, curtain and log trailers; also traffic (Schwarzmüller DLC)
  • Adjust purchased trailers without service visit (extendable trailer, sliding tandem)
  • Copy truck/trailer configuration across fleet
  • Wiper settings improved


  • GPS Voice navigation
  • Use your own purchased trailers in External Contracts (WoTR)
  • Online garage purchase
  • Emergency refuelling service
  • Input improvements (Steam controller support, Tobii eye tracker support, controller hotplug support, better FF on Linux)
  • Razer Chroma support (RGB)
  • New options: truck stability, truck suspension, cabin suspension, dual localization of names in map
  • Faster job generation for hired drivers
  • Lots of new drivers to hire
  • Experimental DX11 support


  • Curve item (new editor item)
  • Walker/mover item improvement
  • Multiple LODs for models
  • Modded trucks support (in-game function)
  • Traffic data improvement
  • Vehicle data improvement (COG, wipers, transmission names, bracers sound)
  • Randomized cargo model (eg. container color)

SCS also released a video showcasing these updates.

In conclusion, what are your thoughts about this new ETS2 patch 1.35? Let us know in the comments below. Mods updated for this patch are available on our website ETS2 Mods.

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