ETS2 patch 1.36 mods

Euro Truck Simulator 2 was updated to patch 1.36 since the release of the Road to the Black Sea DLC. The main feature of this release is DirectX 11 and Corsica addition.

On our website you can download ETS2 1.36 mods. Some of the best mods were added on this page here: ETS2 patch 1.36 mods.

Also, for a list of all the mods for all versions of ETS2 go here: ETS2 Mods by patch

ETS2 1.36 changelog:


  • Corsica (Vive la France! DLC)


  • Detours
  • Avoidance navigation pins
  • New AI vehicles
  • Drivers / Trucks / Trailer visible on manager maps
  • DX11 full support (DX9 removed)
  • Chinese and other non-Latin character input (IME)
  • Anti-aliasing improvements (SMAA, electrical wires)
  • Improved Tobii support and configuration page


  • Sun profile changes (HDR)
  • LP changes for AI (data-driven types, background texture data)
  • Dash display UI elements (digital gauges, fuel consumption bar)
  • Map editor history (undo/redo)
  • Continuous selection of nodes

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