ETS2 Romania – Road to the Black Sea DLC

ETS2 will feature many Balkan countries in the upcoming Road to the Black Sea DLC, as you already know from our other article. The DLC will be released this year, 2019. See what countries are included and more information on our other ETS2 DLC Road to the Black Sea confirmed post.

Romania is one of the new countries and we are excited to play. Why you might ask? Because of the latest WIP screenshots that are available below!

Romania has a lot of beautiful views and cool landmarks. One of the is Dracula’s Castle which we hope to be able to see when we will play! What SCS says we will get for sure are high mountains, deep forests, rivers and coastal roads!

So, as you can see this country will give us a more rural experience, with more back roads and twisty mountain roads.

So, what do you think about this DLC? Until it is ready, check out some ETS2 Map Mods on our site!

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