ETS2 Sardinia Update in patch 1.35

ETS2 Sardinia

ETS2 Sardinia is a new addition to the Italia DLC that was released a while ago. Right now, only Sicily and the peninsula, from the north of Trento to the south in Calabria are on the map.

To access the island, you can take the ferry from Napoli or Palermo. This is taking you to the port of Cagliari in Sardinia.

ETS2 sardinia map

With the upcoming Euro Truck Simulator 2 patch 1.35, this new island will be included too. ETS2 Sardinia comes as a surprise, because none of the fans were expecting it. Also there are some complaints from some fans that they should focus more on rebuilding some of other areas. However, it’s a great addition and it is helping the community and the game a lot. What is your opinion about this update? Let us know in the comments below!

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